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Over the past decade, we’ve honed a process that delivers consistent ROI growth.

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Plan ahead for third-party identifier deprecation, create a strong technology architecture to store your first-party data, and power your brand’s messaging with a customer data platform.

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Collect & Measure

Collect all of your first-party app and web data, store it in a data lake, and tell a compelling story with real-time visualizations while ensuring compliance with privacy laws.

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Create a data-driven media plan to power revenue growth and RoAS with brand-building and performance channels and dynamic creative that delivers impact.

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Optimize media RoAS by allocating budget to the highest-performing channels or campaigns, leaning on data science to uncover hidden insights and power personalization.

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Best-in-class AdTech and MarTech allows your organization to store first-party data, activate it in brand and performance media channels, and optimize the buyer journey—while increasing revenue and RoAS.

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Improve Performance with Personalization

Learn why personalization across direct mail, email and all digital channels is the key to donation growth. As the inaugural chapter in our NFP-centric series, this article has one singular goal: to make a case for personalization as the key to improving direct mail and email performance.  We recognize that NFPs must lean on digital to attract net-new donors, such as Millennials, who will donate on a recurring monthly basis. However, we also strongly believe that an omnichannel approach to marketing and…

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December 1, 2021

The DELVE Manifesto: Not for Profit Transformation

How DELVE’s “data first, advertising second” model helps NFPs attract net-new and younger donors—and drive donation growth. At DELVE, we recognize that marketing and advertising budgets are some of the biggest expense line items for many Not for Profit organizations. We’re also very aware that the work that we perform for our NFP clients must have a very direct, measurable impact on marketing and advertising performance. And, of course, we believe in doing things the right way—which is why our motto is…

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November 16, 2021

DELVE Wins Award for Best First-Party Data Strategy

BOULDER, Colo., — October 28, 2021 — DELVE, the measurement-first advertising consultancy that empowers marketers with the intelligence of their own data, announced today that it has won the award for Best First-Party Data Strategy by a Marketer at the 2021 AdExchanger Awards Programmatic I/O event on October 26, 2021. This award was granted for DELVE’s work on a cloud-based data lake for Gerber Life Insurance Company (GLIC)—an endeavor that was part of a multi-year enterprise data, analytics, and…

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October 28, 2021 |
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