Tech Architecture Audit

The wrong AdTech or MarTech stack can cripple your business, leading to lost or untrustworthy data, incompatible tools or datasets, inability to act on advertising data, higher cost, or internal misalignment on brand or performance advertising.

In contrast, high-performing tech stacks make teams more efficient, data more accessible, and accelerate revenue growth. In other words, they are investments, not an expense.

DELVE’s technology audit will review the state of your current analytics and advertising platforms, and the updates needed to create a best-in-class technology stack that collects as much first-party data as possible to maintain or increase RoAS. We also provide technology reselling that allows you to acquire the tech you need—without paying an extra margin to intermediaries.

The Business Challenge

Wrong tech is a burden. Many brands find themselves with an array of AdTech and MarTech tools that were provisioned by current or past marketing teams and have contributed to cost or workflow inefficiencies. Legacy technology limits your teams from achieving their best potential or utilizing available advertising budgets.

For example, media may be bought across many DSPs with overlapping inventory and without centralized frequency management. Media targeting may be based on many third-party data providers, whose data may overlap resulting in cost overruns. Or, data may reside in separate platforms instead of a data lake or a unified customer data platform. Finally, Marketing and IT may use different analytics platforms, doubling or tripling the total cost of tool maintenance and licensing.

On a daily basis, examples of inefficient AdTech or MarTech stacks can make it hard-to-impossible for media teams to optimize in-channel RoAS and make cross-channel budget allocation decisions.

The Benefits of Solving It

When a brand objectively understands the current state of its advertising and marketing technology stacks, it will capture the following benefits:

  • Identify tools with low or no adoption for possible elimination and cost savings
  • Identify valuable tools with low utilization due to training or configuration issues, and increase their use to drive productivity gains
  • Right-size platform license commitments to fit business needs and achieve cost savings
  • Improve first-party data capture, integration, and insights reporting to improve marketing decision making
  • Understand what’s working, what’s not working, to cut waste and reallocate media dollars
  • Optimize technology contracts and avoid minimum spend requirements

Our Approach To The Tech Architecture Audit

Our Process

  • DELVE will create a list of all your existing platforms and request access to all such tools.
  • DELVE will interview you, your team, and relevant stakeholders to understand business needs and key use cases.
  • Our AdTech and MarTech experts will compare your existing tools and business needs against industry best practices and our decades of experience with similar projects.
  • DELVE will provide your team with an actionable set of recommendations for how to change or update your current tech, or what tech to add to help your brand stay ahead of the curve.
  • If appropriate, DELVE can then help onboard your brand to tech stacks from top platforms, leaning on our close relationships with those platforms for AdTech reselling.

Your Outcomes

  • A clear roadmap of what tech has to be updated, which platforms have to be re-implemented, and what new tech has to be added to the stack
  • Re/implementation and relaunch of existing and/or new tech
  • Better tech leads to clean data at the lowest price possible, and clean data leads to more clarity about what works or what doesn’t
  • That clarity will enable you to focus on tactics to drive higher ROI or revenue growth, and the lowest price allows you to put more working dollars against your best consumer segments to maximize revenue

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