Data Privacy Compliance

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Website tracking disclosures. Data usage rights.

Not only do these topics have global implications for how brands and marketers deal with data privacy, noncompliance has major financial implications as well: GDPR sets a maximum fine of up to $25 million or 4% of a brand’s gross revenue; and CCPA up to $7,500 per violation.

DELVE’s data privacy compliance audit will identify gaps in your current customer data management practices, offer clear recommendations for dealing with those gaps, and provide a roadmap for implementing changes to your data practices—giving you confidence that the data stored in a data lake or a customer data platform (CDP) is fully compliant with the latest global regulations.

The Business Challenge

Privacy regulations such as GDPR or CCPA provide a number of challenges to brands that collect (or plan to collect) and utilize customer and prospect data. Not only does such data have to be collected in specific formats, that data has to be stored securely, managed properly, and purged appropriately.

Although some of the responsibility is placed on the technology firms, such as Google or Facebook, much of the liability for data privacy is put on the brands themselves. Not only are brands required to give customers access to their own personal information, they must have a mechanism to irrevocably destroy such personal data at the customer’s request.

Brands that plan to build a data lake or a customer data platform (CDP) tend to be especially sensitive to topics relevant to data and customer privacy.

The Benefits of Solving It

Knowing that your brand is following both the GDPR and CCPA protocols will address key concerns including:

  • Penalty mitigation: the assurance that potential penalties will not apply to your business
  • Business disruption: knowledge that your brand will be able to get an A-grade during a potential government compliance audit
  • Reputation management: the ability to properly manage your business reputation in case of a violation during a government privacy compliance audit

Our Approach To Data Privacy Compliance

Our Process

  • DELVE’s Data Practices team will review all of your customer data collection and management processes.
  • DELVE will provide a “grade” for all of your processes, identifying where you’re already in compliance and where you need to bring your practices up to a required level.
  • DELVE will share specific and actionable recommendations with your Analytics, Advertising, IT, or Legal teams.
  • Together we will develop a project plan to implement all such data compliance recommendations.

Your Outcomes

  • Clarity around what you are doing well, and where your brand is falling short, in GDPR and/or CCPA compliance
  • Mitigation of any existing gaps in your brand’s data collection or management practices
  • “Future-proofing,” as much as possible, your data practices against any GDPR or CCPA potential government audits or customer lawsuits

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