We Apply Data, Analytics, and Media Optimization to Grow RoAS & Revenue

DELVE’s hybrid service model is unique in the industry. As a data and measurement expert, we integrate your omnichannel data sources to improve insights and decision making. As a digital media partner, we deliver and optimize analytics-first ad campaigns to convert your high-value, high-conversion audiences. As a technology consultant, we provide access to enterprise technology stacks, offer digital skills training, and integrate AdTech/MarTech stacks to improve your digital capabilities.

Four-Phased Delivery Framework

We’ve built a comprehensive portfolio of services designed to help brands improve ROI and revenue growth. We’ve categorized them into four practice areas that work together to deliver measurable results across your business.

01. Plan image

01. Plan

We take the time to ask the right questions to tailor a solution to your industry and specific business challenge. Our playbooks contain proven methodology that we can act upon together to make a significant impact.

02. Collect & Measure image

02. Collect & Measure

You don’t need to store more data, you need to collect the right data. We will partner with you to define data that matters, store it in best-in-class technology stacks, and prepare it for activation in advertising.

03. Advertise image

03. Advertise

Activate your marketing and advertising technology—and all of your brand’s first-party data—with our expert media team. DELVE will manage your brand and performance advertising to increase revenue and RoAS.

04. Optimize image

04. Optimize

Relentless pursuit of ROI is about cutting waste, doing more of what works, and trying new ideas. We apply data science, predictive analytics, and rigorous testing to deliver quick wins and measurable results.

Tech & People In-Housing

We help brands take control of their future by reducing their reliance on agencies, SaaS vendors, and third-party contractors to fill critical digital skills and technology gaps. We believe knowledge is power so we share data science, analytics, and paid media best practices so that you can future-proof your business. If you’re interested in up-skilling your marketing staff while improving your MarTech and AdTech efficiency, we can help.

As a premier reseller of Google Marketing Platform, Amazon Advertising, and other platforms, we’ll help you take control of your data and AdTech by configuring your stacks for revenue growth and data you can trust.

We help Marketing and Digital leaders up-skill their teams by providing digital and analytics training, best practices consulting, and fractional staffing to fill capacity and skills gaps.

Take Control Of Your Future

Are you ready to build a data-driven culture where your people, process, and technology become a competitive advantage?