Improve Return on Ad Spend

Buy smarter, not more. Apply data science techniques to digital advertising to weed out low-value audiences with low conversion probability. Increase customer LTV while lowering acquisition cost.

Benefits of Getting it Right

  • Stretch marketing budget (greater efficiency)
  • Improve campaign performance (CPL, ROAS)
  • Grow LTV by optimizing customer mix
  • Improve EBITDA

Many brands focus their RoAS improvement efforts on the cost side of the equation (e.g., bid optimization) along with improving conversion rates. However, we take a three-pronged approach of optimizing cost (denominator), LTV (numerator), and conversion rates.

DELVE does this by applying advanced analytics techniques so we not only hyper-target your media buys to reduce wasted spend, but we can also predict audience LTV and conversion rates to further focus media and campaigns for maximum overall return. Not only will we build the models and processes, we’ll also show your Marketing and Analytics teams how to use them to increase your organization’s digital competencies.

We are a Top 5 Google Certified Partner and certified partner of The Trade Desk, Salesforce, Amazon, and many others.

Ways To Solve This Challenge

Dynamic Creative

Data-driven messaging, creative, and offers aligned to the unique needs of buyers and customers to improve relevance and conversion.

RoAS Optimization

Apply machine learning and human expertise to continually improve return on ad spend across paid search, paid social, programmatic advertising, connected TV, and more.

Cross-Channel Budget Allocation

Combine multi-touch attribution, media mix modeling, incrementally tests, and other techniques to unlock conversion insights and allocate marketing budgets to the highest performing tactics.

Take Control Of Your Future

Are you ready to build a data-driven culture where your people, process, and technology become a competitive advantage?

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