Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics is part of Adobe Experience Platform, a solution that allows businesses to connect multiple data points from every channel into a single platform for in-depth, real-time analysis and visualization. Its integral view into the customer journey helps you better understand customer actions to make smarter decisions.

What It Does

Adobe Analytics is the analytics tool within the Adobe Experience Cloud.

Adobe Analytics combines web analytics plus data from other marketing channels to create an integrated attribution view.

Features include:

Multi-Channel Data Collection

Custom Variables

Offline Data Integration

Tag Management

Predictive Analytics

Data Warehouse Support

Why You Need It

Go Beyond Web Analytics

Take advantage of advanced technologies, machine learning, and AI that go beyond just data analytics, helping you to discover valuable insights that drive the bottom line.

Achieve More with Marketing Analytics

Connect data from all your online and offline channels in a single place for real-time analysis that helps you know your customer better.

Leverage Advanced Attribution

Leverage rules-based and algorithmic attribution models to understand every touchpoint throughout the customer journey, and make smarter investments in the most convertible channels.

Discover Future Insights

Access predictive analytics powered by machine learning and AI to explore Big Data fast—and discover insights about the future.

Get Real-Time Insights Sharing

Bring your teams and data out of silos so everyone can get a clearer picture about what’s going on with your advertising. Pull real-time data to help create richer, more data-driven ads for your audiences. Share well-performing segments to power personalization, messaging, look-alikes, and reach.

Simplify Executive-Level Reporting

Create custom “scorecards” that track key data points relevant to decision makers, and keep executives informed by providing easy-to-understand data dashboards right on their mobile devices.

Take Control Of Your Future

Are you ready to build a data-driven culture where your people, process, and technology become a competitive advantage?

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