Media Planning

Your customers are unique—and the channels you use to communicate with them should be, too. For instance, GenZ buyers seeking sustainable fashion are likely to be on TikTok and Instagram, while more mature eco-conscious consumers might best be reached on LinkedIn or And both audiences should be targeted on when they’re searching for sustainable fashion.

At DELVE, we approach media planning through the lens of intent data, helping to meet your consumers when and where they’re thinking about your product across brand-building and performance channels.

This intent-driven approach, paired with selecting the best technology to execute the relevant channel buys, helps us deliver the most effective and efficient media mix to deliver high RoAS and revenue growth for your brand.

The Business Challenge

Many media plans are driven by the same exact data sources for persona identification (e.g., Comscore, Nielsen, Quantcast, Moat, AppNexus) and focus on an inventory-first approach instead of a more effective consumer-first approach. Paired with inferior targeting, such “old school” approaches to media planning block your brand from realizing the full potential of your own first-party data.

Additional challenges relevant to media planning include:

  • Lack of consumer-level targeting: unwillingness to apply analytics to identify what messages resonate at a user—not channel—level
  • Role of technology: inability to differentiate between various technology platforms, such as demand side platforms, in driving brand or performance objectives
  • Budget allocation: lack of granular planning by audience, channel, or specific campaign
  • Conversion metrics: usage of traditional attribution models, which can be imprecise, without accounting for cross-channel, cross-device behavior along the buyer journey

The Benefits of Solving It

The best media plans go beyond universal audience and media attributes and uncover hidden insights that provide brands with a competitive advantage.

We help brands improve the performance of their media plans in the following areas:

  • Setting full-funnel marketing goals for both branding (awareness) and performance (conversion) channels
  • Applying a rigorous tech selection process to optimize bids, frequency, and reach beyond AdTech platform defaults so you “buy smart, not more”
  • Applying marketing mix modeling (MMM) to optimize budget allocation
  • Applying data-driven personalization to identify best message/audience fit
  • Applying analytics to go beyond attribution and identify the true conversion causality

Our Approach To Media Planning

Our Process

  • DELVE will review and define goals across the whole marketing funnel (awareness and performance) in one integrated approach. We believe that branding is performance, just with a longer lookback window—and that every campaign needs to be measured against the revenue it drives to the bottom line.
  • Our media planners will review your audience targeting assumptions against your ideal customer profiles and apply advanced models to assess their pLTV and conversion potential, as well as:
    • Analyze various methods for targeting your “best-fit” audiences (e.g. context, look-a-likes, geospatial signals)
    • Review and recommend a frequency and reach strategy across audiences and channels to align with your goals
    • Recommend AdTech to be used for every brand or performance channel
    • Review and recommend optimal budget, bidding, and targeting for each audience or campaign using data-driven methodologies
  • At the end of this process, DELVE will present to your team a final media plan with suggestions for ongoing data-driven optimization.
  • Upon request, DELVE can then help you dive into budget allocation, RoAS management and even optimize campaigns in your branding and performance channels.

Your Outcomes

  • A media plan that applies data insights that your competitors cannot easily duplicate
  • More effective media measurement options than traditional attribution models that often fail to capture accurate media-to-revenue causality
  • A roadmap for media optimization as part of media buying and management
  • Well-defined next steps for your in-house staff or external agency(ies)

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