Performance Channels

Marketers struggle with their media agency relationships. Lack of openness about what media tactics are succeeding vs. failing, superfluous conversations, lack of impactful insights, or AdTech that isn’t in-housed can hinder the client-agency partnership.

At DELVE, we plan and execute performance media campaigns through the wider lens on data, combining measurement expertise with deep hands-on experience in media buying.

As a ‘trusted advisor’ we share all lessons—good and bad. We provide brands with direct access to media platforms and we are 100% transparent about all media fees.

By integrating paid social, paid search, programmatic advertising, and direct mail, DELVE has built a “performance-media engine” that grows brand revenue while always eliminating waste to maximize RoAS.

The Business Challenge

Marketers face many challenges when managing their performance budgets in paid search, social, programmatic advertising, or direct mail:

  • Media costs are going up. Most competitors are plowing dollars into performance channels so CPCs and CPMs continue to rise. Marketers have to work harder to maintain RoAS at the same level as the previous year.
  • To make a tough situation harder, marketers are being asked to actually grow RoAS. Leadership often doesn’t appreciate that keeping RoAS flat, in light of increasing CPMs and CPCs, represents success.
  • The constant drive toward performance means incremental dollars are often allocated to the same “good old” media tactics—which makes testing difficult. The usual split of “80% on things that work and 20% on new ideas” is going away because leadership doesn’t recognize that testing is the key to new ideas.
  • Traditional ways of measurement (rules-based attribution, out-of-the-box data driven attribution) capture more of the low-funnel signals and overlook the importance of prospecting interactions, leaving some brands stuck in “last click” attribution measurement.
  • Media agencies aren’t transparent, conversations about what is or isn’t working aren’t candid, and the true cost of the media is obscured—negatively impacting RoAS.

The Benefits of Solving It

When performance media channels are properly managed, brands inherently benefit from:

  • Improved RoAS for paid search, social, programmatic advertising, or direct mail—and better alignment across all such conversion channels
  • Deeper understanding of what’s working vs. not working in the media mix, and the ability to quickly shift budgets from low-RoAS to high-RoAS campaigns
  • Clarity around segments and audiences that deliver results
  • Clarity around real media costs without hidden fees that lower RoAS
  • Predictable top-line growth, and as a result, increased credibility with the CEO, CFO or the Board

Our Approach To Performance Channels

Our Process

  • DELVE’s Advertising team will review your paid search, paid social, programmatic advertising, or direct mail programs.
  • DELVE will audit all of your media management practices:
    • In paid search, what is the branded to non-branded campaign mix? What negative keywords are used? What is the campaign structure?
    • In paid social, what audiences are targeted? How often is creative tested? What is the breakdown of prospecting vs. retargeting spend? How are campaigns structured to allow for test and learn?
    • In display advertising, what DSPs are used? What is the prospecting to retargeting mix? What are the targeting techniques between intent, context, third-party audiences and first-party data? What is the share of post-view to post-click in driving conversions?
    • In email and direct mail, what is your list strategy? How often are you testing?
  • DELVE will share findings with your in-house, and/or agency teams.
  • DELVE can continue to work with your in-house or agency teams to improve performance, or take over your performance programs and manage media as an extension of your internal team.

Your Outcomes

  • Confidence that you’re managing media to its maximum potential for the highest RoAS possible
  • The proper processes, such as test and learn, to ensure your performance media investments are directed to tactics and campaigns that deliver tangible results
  • A true partnership that’s based on DELVE’s agnostic approach to media platforms, our transparency in pricing, your brand’s ownership of all applicable technology platforms, and mutual openness in sharing what’s working and what isn’t

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