Web & App Analytics

Data collected by your browser and mobile application platforms (in tools such as Google Analytics 360, Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager 360, Adobe Analytics, and others) can be a source of powerful insights about your customers and ideal buyers. However, that first-party data is only useful if it is cleanly structured with a taxonomy that enables simple and elegant analysis.

DELVE’s web and app analytics audit delivers on one singular goal: trust in data.

This audit will identify data gaps and how to close them, and can include a full overhaul or reimplementation of your web and app analytics measurement tools.

The Business Challenge

Measurement solutions such as Google Analytics 360 or Adobe Analytics are only as good as their setup.

Over time, tool configurations can become obsolete: technology changes, people on the Analytics team move on, and the website or app user experience evolves.

Lack of continuity leads to collection of dirty or incomplete data. For example, it can be difficult to remember why certain metrics and dimensions were coded in variety of ways in Google Tag Manager 360, Dynamic Tag Manager or Tealium because of legacy issues with people, technology, or process.

Bad data erodes trust in insight. That lack of trust leads to lack of faith in the underlying website or app analytics tools, and the web and app reports they generate.

The Benefits of Solving It

When web and app analytics tools, such as Google Analytics 360 or Google Analytics 4, are properly implemented, brands benefit from:

  • Properly implemented analytics tools that lead to “trust in data”
  • Confidence in the numbers on which reports and insights are built
  • Clear data and insightful reporting that lead to better and faster business decisions

Our Approach To Web & App Analytics

Our Process

  • DELVE web and app analytics Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), certified in Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 360, Google Analytics 4, Tealium, or Adobe Analytics are assigned to your project.
  • DELVE SMEs interview your internal stakeholders to identify key reports and business questions that need to be answered by the analytics tools.
  • DELVE produces an Implementation Guide, which is reviewed and approved by your team.
  • DELVE engineers work side-by-side with your engineers to reimplement a legacy analytics package, or implement a new analytics solution.
  • If needed, DELVE can be retained to manage all relevant analytics implementations and provide ongoing consulting and reporting services.

Your Outcomes

  • Best-in-class implementation of tools such as Google Analytics 360, Google Analytics 4, or Adobe Analytics
  • Confidence and trust in your website and app analytics data
  • Clear and insightful reporting
  • Faster and more accurate business decisions

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