Shift to Digital Channels

The consumer shift to digital purchase channels means that brands must be able to target and engage their ideal customer audiences across purchase channels, media channels and devices. We apply advanced data science techniques to identify, engage and convert your best customer audiences while deepening customer insights.

Benefits of Getting it Right

  • Improved brand visibility and purchase consideration
  • Better segmentation and targeting
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Increased revenue potential

COVID only accelerated a trend that had already been underway: the shifting buyer preference for digital channels. B2C brands have seen an expansion of e-commerce and curbside pickup, while the B2B buyer now interacts with Marketing for a majority of their journey, seeking out self-service education before engaging with Sales. Problem is, too many brands still operate like it’s 2008 where every buyer requires in-store or in-person assistance.

DELVE can help you adapt your selling model to modern buyer journeys by providing journey visibility and orchestrating data-driven omnichannel touchpoints to educate, engage, and influence purchase. We can help you integrate your data, apply advanced analytics to extract usable insights, and apply data and insights to improve marketing performance. What’s more, we’ll show your marketing and analytics teams how to do it so that you enhance your in-house digital capabilities.

We are a Top 5 Google Certified Partner and certified partner of The Trade Desk, Salesforce, Amazon, and many others.

Ways To Solve This Challenge

First-Party Data Enablement

Assess your first-party data collection practices and develop a playbook for improving data capture, integration, analytics, and insights for targeting and offer personalization for conversion.

Data Web & App Analytics

Assess your website and mobile app analytics tools and develop a playbook for improved data integration, configuration, and insights reporting so you can trust your data.

UX Personalization

Harness the power of data-driven personalization to improve conversion, customer experience, and drive higher lifetime value from your customer case.

Take Control Of Your Future

Are you ready to build a data-driven culture where your people, process, and technology become a competitive advantage?

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