UX Personalization

Leading DTC brands, such as Airbnb or Zappos, have trained consumers to anticipate an experience that is purpose-tailored to their needs, raising the bar for other brands in the market.

To remain relevant, all DTC brands have to deliver a personalized experience on their websites or mobile apps—but delivering personalization can be difficult. Partnering with a vendor to power a recommendation engine on your website or mobile app leaves your brand blind to the details behind the algorithms. And if you stop working with that third-party vendor, they retain all the know-how.

At DELVE, we help brands in-house personalization with technology frameworks such as a data lake or customer data platform, tech in-housing where your brand retains the algorithms, and the support of our Data Science team.

The Business Challenge

Tailored, relevant, and personalized messaging is a must-have if your brand wants to increase the average order value and conversion rate of your website or mobile app. Consumers are used to smart recommendation engines on Amazon that suggest what to buy next, or personalized discovery playlists on Spotify.

Brands have to adapt, and deliver a level of personalization on par with Amazon or Spotify.

Yet, when partnering with a third-party vendor that specializes in personalization, your brand will not retain the intellectual property behind the algorithm, and the algorithm itself will be a closed black box.

Brands want to—and should—own their personalization technology, the algorithm, and the first-party data that powers those algorithms.

The Benefits of Solving It

When a brand owns the personalization engine for its website or mobile app, it captures the following benefits:

  • Delivering a level of relevancy on par with top brands
  • Clarity about the algorithms powering personalization to know exactly what is working and why
  • Ownership of the tech, data, and know-how
  • Retaining customers and increasing metrics such as average order value (AOV) or conversion rate
  • Increased RoAS from advertising investments

Our Approach To Personalization

Our Process

  • DELVE’s Consulting and Data Science teams will discuss top use cases with you and your stakeholders.
  • Together, we will come up with a definition of success, such as increased on-site engagement, increased conversion in Add To Cart, or higher AOV.
  • DELVE will propose a set of off-the-shelf components, such as Google Cloud Platform or AWS, to power your personalization engine (and you will retain the technology and all intellectual property).
  • DELVE will build the personalization engine, implement that engine on your website or app, and run tests to confirm a lift in key metrics.
  • We will train your team on the technology so you can fully in-house all of the components; alternatively, DELVE can manage the technology and our Data Science team can work as an extension of your team.

Your Outcomes

  • Ownership of the tech and intellectual property powering the recommendation engine
  • Lowered operating costs and increased advertising RoAS
  • Increased key metrics, such as conversion rate or average order value
  • Delivery of a more relevant experience that will surprise and delight your customers

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