Trendspotting & Prediction

Identify and capitalize on opportunities before competitors for early mover advantage. Find new revenue opportunities and marketing efficiency gains.

Benefits of Getting it Right

  • Reduce marketing waste by removing low-success campaigns
  • Improve targeting and ROI (higher-value, higher-conversion audiences)
  • Improve forecasting for better decision making
  • Gain early mover advantage over competitors

Part of future-proofing any business is creating the agility and grit to respond to disruption and crisis. At the core of this capability is access to real-time, first-party data that you can trust and the analytics capabilities to answer critical business questions for decision making. From product mix and inventory strategy, to media targeting and customer success, real-time insights separate leaders from followers.

DELVE helps companies unify disparate data sources, install predictive models, and automate reporting that virtually anyone in Marketing, Sales or Finance can use to make better decisions. We help train management and frontline staff to use data insights, helping to build a culture of analytics and improve competitive advantage. From simple tools like Google Data Studio to advanced BI tools powered by data lakes, we can right-size the insights stack to fit your needs.

We are a Top 5 Google Certified Partner and certified partner of The Trade Desk, Salesforce, Amazon, and many others.

Ways To Solve This Challenge

Web & App Analytics

Assess your website and mobile app analytics tools and develop a playbook for improved data integration, configuration, and insights reporting so you can trust your data.

Data Visualization

Look at data in a whole new way by seeing beyond the numbers. Look for patterns, spot trends, and extract insights faster to improve decision making.

Data Science

Integrate advanced data science techniques into your decision support to improve segmentation, targeting, offer personalization, next best action, and other corporate decisions.

Take Control Of Your Future

Are you ready to build a data-driven culture where your people, process, and technology become a competitive advantage?

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