AdTech Reselling

Brands are increasingly motivated to in-house their analytics and advertising technology.

For some brands, tech in-housing finally provides insights into campaign settings or the first-party data used for targeting. Other brands want to switch agencies without the risk of losing data on best-performing audiences or diminishing media performance.

Almost all brands want greater transparency around fees, and lower prices for paid media—which is hard to achieve when an agency owns the AdTech servicing their account.

DELVE delivers on all of the above objectives.

As a reseller for enterprise-grade platforms such as Google Analytics 360, Google Display & Video 360, Campaign Manager 360, and Amazon DSP, we help your brand acquire the in-house tech you need—and realize significant cost savings.

The Business Challenge

When advertising technology is owned by an agency, your brand is beholden to that agency. Heavy reliance on your media agency to select and provide the advertising platforms they use on your behalf—when you don’t have clarity around all relevant contractual terms—leads to a potential conflict of interest between RoAS performance and media margin.

Moreover, that lack of clarity locks your brand into working only with that agency—potentially for years—because of the risk that all of your historic first-party data might be lost, and RoAS may decline as well, when the agency leaves.

Brands can change the rules of the game: in-house the advertising technology and own all the contracts and administrative rights to the tools.

The Benefits of Solving It

When a brand gets access to technology through DELVE as a reseller, it benefits as follows:

  • 100% transparent pricing
  • On average, brands are able to increase their working budget by 30% just by moving technology in-house. Those savings can be re-invested in media, or put toward foundational projects such as a customer data platform.
  • Access to lower-tier “wholesale” pricing from Google, Amazon, and others
  • Control over your proprietary first-party data
  • Flexibility to move your data to another reseller at any time without the need to rebuild campaigns
  • Long-term continuity, given that the technology stack is unlikely to be deprecated

Our Approach To AdTech Reselling

Our Process

  • DELVE’s Consulting team will work with your Analytics, Advertising and Marketing teams to learn what advertising technology is used right now and what is needed for the future.
  • DELVE’s Consulting team will dive into your current billings to identify potential savings or areas with excessive margins.
  • DELVE In-Housing team will partner with your legal or business teams to define parameters around pricing or volume.
  • DELVE and your teams will draft a contract enabling your brand to in-house the tech and data.
  • DELVE will work with your current technology provider to migrate campaigns with the least possible disruption.
  • DELVE will train your team to use the technology and, if needed, we’ll work with your team as you start to use the tech.
  • DELVE also can serve as your outsourced “in-house” team if you don’t currently have people inside your organization who are trained on the purchased technology.

Your Outcomes

  • Transparent and lower pricing
  • Higher working media budget
  • Ownership over your brand’s first-party data
  • Flexibility to move your account and data, with all campaign settings preserved, to another reseller

Take Control Of Your Future

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