Third-Party Data Assessment

Google’s and Apple’s deprecations of third-party web (cookies) and mobile (IDFA) identifiers
will be disruptive. Yet for those brands who decide to use seismic market shifts to their
advantage, these changes create opportunities.

DELVE’s third-party data assessment will diagnose the state of your current data collection
practices. Our consultants will present a detailed and actionable plan for how you should
manage your tag management and analytics platforms, alongside the advertising pixels, while
maintaining data privacy compliance.

The assessment will provide clarity around what exactly has to be updated, enabling you to
properly manage risks and opportunities in a world without third-party identifiers.

The Business Challenge

The digital advertising industry had been on a path toward personalized, 1-to-1 marketing. Yet Google’s and Apple’s deprecations of third party identifiers is reversing the trend towards personalized marketing.

The disruption is causing much uncertainty among digital marketers. We have spent many years refining the precision of digital marketing, breaking audiences into smaller and smaller segments to increase marketing relevance and RoAS.

At DELVE, we believe that the performance of your digital marketing does not need to suffer due to this change. Arguably, cookies have been an outdated, inaccurate proxy of user behavior which didn’t meet marketers’ desire to measure performance and user behavior accurately.

Data and advertising leaders and brands with online presence that already rely on first party data are in good shape to weather deprecation of third-party identifiers. Brands that don’t have a good strategy should quickly catch up to maintain revenue and market share.

The Benefits of Solving It

When your brand conducts this assessment, you will know how to operate in a world without third-party identifiers.


Benefits also include:

  • Clarity around the current state of your AdTech stack and the real role of third-party data in that stack
  • Ability to lead your brand with confidence, from the time when third-party cookies and IDFAs still exist, to the time when the lights go out on such identifiers
  • Planning for how to adjust your process, people, and technology to operate effectively in a post-third party tracking world
  • And most importantly, planning how to maintain or grow your RoAS and overall enterprise revenue while minimizing cost and focusing on your own first-party data.

Our Approach To Third-Party Data Assessment

Our Process

  • DELVE will access all of your brand’s analytics and media buying platforms.
  • Our team of experts will analyze your current website tracking architecture and third-party pixels, app libraries, and media targeting criteria to understand the role of third-party data in your advertising and marketing activities.
  • DELVE will generate an assessment report, detailing what percentage of spend and data will be affected by the third-party deprecations, and what you will need to do to maintain your revenue growth and media RoAS.
  • DELVE can then partner with your team to start making changes to your people, processes, or technology to ensure continuity.
  • We can also continue to partner with your team long-term to ensure that all recommendations and best practices are followed, and ultimately that RoAS is not only maintained but continues to increase.

Your Outcomes

  • Certainty that your brand is prepared for the world without third-party identifiers
  • Understanding of the impact on revenue and RoAS without third-party identifiers
  • Detailed action plan for how to make changes to existing platforms: which platforms are missing and should be added to your stack, and which platforms may be legacy and should be deprecated
  • Ability to partner with DELVE, as an extension of your in-house team, to help execute tasks that will prepare your brand for a world without third-party identifiers

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