Skills In-Housing

When your brand works with an agency, it outsources much of the know-how to that agency. That makes it hard to manage—or let go of—the agency, even if they are underperforming.

Brands that have already moved their technology in-house will typically want to create an “in-house agency” in order to gain even more more visibility, agility, and control. The main roadblock to realizing this vision is finding and up-skilling the right people for all of the seats in your marketing organization.

DELVE can help you determine whether skills in-housing is the right step for your brand, define the key roles for your needs, and even help on-board and train your new team. And you will gain complete visibility into everything that is working, or not working, within your own “in-house agency.”

The Business Challenge

Once a brand in-houses its advertising technology, often the immediate next step is to in-house the talent to manage it—but finding the right people presents many challenges.

Brands struggle with defining the necessary roles, writing the correct job descriptions, interviewing to tease out people with the right strengths, values and skills—and then onboarding and training people to be effective.

Brands also find it difficult to define the proper organizational structure. Often, brands take a revolutionary approach and hire a large in-house team that may not work well together, instead of an evolutionary approach where people are hired in sequence to ensure optimal collaboration.

Lack of clarity around the right steps to creating an in-house agency can backfire—due to escalating costs, role confusion, or lack of experience.

The Benefits of Solving It

When a brand properly hires and onboards an in-house team to replace an existing agency relationship, benefits include:

  • Retaining the know-how about what’s working, what’s not working, and what else can be done to maximize the value from advertising and marketing technology
  • Gathering insight and 100% transparency into what’s really going on with your campaigns, with the ability to look “under the hood” and analyze campaigns and activity from the inside out
  • Ending the confusion between “activity” and “accomplishment.” You’ll be able to allocate the in-house team to only high-value activities.
  • Elevating the sophistication of your marketing campaigns. With an external agency you are one of many clients; your in-house team will be 100% allocated to your brand.

Our Approach To Skills In-Housing

Our Process

  • DELVE’s Consulting team will partner with your Analytics and Media leaders to define your short-term and long-term needs and objectives.
  • DELVE will analyze your current AdTech stack to determine if agency in-housing is the right next step for your brand, and the minimum viable team you may need.
  • DELVE will propose:
    • An org chart for your Media, AdOps, Web Analytics, Data Science, Creative, and Technology groups
    • Roles within that org chart
    • Job descriptions for such role
    • Candidate profiles for each job description focused on key candidate strengths, values, and skills
    • A hiring sequence to maximize the value and speed of your in-housing takeover
  • DELVE can help you interview and hire candidates, and then onboard and train your new in-house team.
  • If needed, DELVE can serve as a “bridge” to your desired end-state by providing DELVE resources on an interim basis who will “sit” in the necessary “seats” as a part of your in-house team.

Your Outcomes

  • Clarity on who you need for each seat on your in-house team, with insight into necessary skills, strengths, and values
  • A step-by-step hiring process to minimize risks
  • The ability to augment your team with DELVE resources until your own team is fully built out

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