Google Analytics 360

Google Analytics 360’s premium capabilities enable businesses to better understand how customers interact with their brands, unlocking actionable insights that help improve customer engagement and drive business results.

What It Does

Google Analytics 360 is the web analytics collection and visualization solution within Google Marketing Platform.

GA360 helps you understand how people use your sites and apps so you can take action to improve their experience. GA360 integrations go beyond Google products to include Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Features include:

Data Collection and Management

Data Activation

Analytics Intelligence


Data Analysis and Visualization

Why You Need It

Improve Customer Engagement

Get a better understanding of how users interact with your content across your websites and apps to improve customer experience.

Save Time and Effort

Utilize powerful platform integration and automation capabilities that save your team time and effort so they can focus on more valuable tasks.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Connect additional systems to measure all touchpoints across the customer journey to see what’s working and what’s not.

Increase Marketing ROI

Discover the advertising channel where your users convert the most to efficiently allocate your marketing budget and drive better ROI.

Drive Business Results

Leverage in-depth audience insights to create user segments and inform your digital marketing campaigns.

Collaborate with Ease

Enable effective cross-team collaboration via user-friendly interface and reports sharing capabilities.

Take Control Of Your Future

Are you ready to build a data-driven culture where your people, process, and technology become a competitive advantage?

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