Dynamic Creative

A successful display campaign executed in a Demand Side Platform (DSP) is built on a foundation of audiences, bidding, and ad creative. Whether the buy is in programmatic, guaranteed, direct, or any type of a deal, all elements must work in tandem to deliver the right RoAS. But the UX elements, such as ad creative, are arguably the hardest to manage because they’re time intensive, expensive to deliver, and inflexible.

DELVE recommends Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) to solve these challenges. In a DCO framework, the template version, background, main images, text, and value proposition or call to action are all data-driven and dynamically generated. Moreover, all ad creative elements are adjusted to the needs of the target audience or the environment in which the ad is served—at scale.

The Business Challenge

Programmatic advertising is very complex, and arguably more complex than paid social or paid search. It’s very easy to spend (or waste) money and get little in return.

Ad creative is one of the challenging elements in such display campaigns. For programmatic advertising to work, hundreds of thousands of versions of the ad creative must be deployed to maximize CTRs and ultimately RoAS.

Manual production of such a volume of ad creative simply isn’t feasible. Not only is manually-generated creative expensive and time-consuming to deliver, by the time it’s deployed the campaign parameters may have changed.

Although most brands have access to robust creative design, either in-house or with their agency, very few have the in-house development and engineering skills to support the necessary dynamic creative scalability.

The Benefits of Solving It

Dynamic Creative Optimization aims to solve the majority of display ad creative production challenges by operationalizing the production process.

When automated ad creative production is properly managed, your brand will capture the following benefits:

  • Shortened ad creative development cycles
  • Dramatically reduced creative production costs
  • Increased programmatic advertising RoAS

Our Approach To Dynamic Creative

Our Process

  • DELVE’s Consulting team will discuss your ad creative production challenges with your Creative and Marketing teams, including staff responsible for programmatic advertising.
  • DELVE will provide a recommendation around specific use cases that can be addressed by our in-house DCO solution.
  • When and if you determine that DELVE’s DCO solution meets your business needs, we will will issue a DCO deployment roadmap.
  • Upon DCO deployment, DELVE can continue to work with your internal teams to ensure the implemented solution is utilized to its fullest potential.

Your Outcomes

  • Assurance that the DCO solution provided by DELVE meets your business requirements
  • Realized value, including quicker and efficient development of Ad Creative for your Programmatic Campaigns
  • Ongoing support and maintenance of the DELVE DCO solution, allowing your team to focus on delivering results, and offloading any background technical issues to DELVE

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