Tech Training

Ensure your Marketing, Advertising, Analytics, or Data Science teams are extracting maximum value from your technology and platform investments

Benefits of Getting it Right

  • Upskill staff to make better campaign decisions
  • Improve MarTech platform utilization and ROI
  • Reduce reliance/costs of third party agencies
  • Build a competitive advantage

Most AdTech and MarTech vendors offer limited training and onboarding (30-60 days). After that, you’ll likely have to migrate to a fee-based support model. This becomes very complex (and expensive) when you’re trying to train a team on multiple platforms as the vendors’ customer success managers often don’t know how their product interoperates with the others in your stack. The result? You’re left in the middle trying to figure it out while you still have daily/weekly campaigns to launch and manage.

DELVE can act as an objective advisor thanks to our expertise across the stack. We provide training and support to help brands fast-track their frontline staff to proficiency, helping to generate better ROI from their technology investments. From structured training to on-demand support, we ensure that you achieve the adoption and use that the platform sales reps promised, while demonstrating ROI to Finance. Our tools expertise spans data lakes, cloud-based analytics, machine learning, BI, predictive models, marketing automation, programmatic media, and much more.

We are a Top 5 Google Certified Partner and certified partner of The Trade Desk, Salesforce, Amazon, and many others.

Ways To Solve This Challenge


Customized workshops and individual training to share best practices and accelerate skills competencies to support digital in-housing strategies.

Staff Augmentation

Fractional or full-time contract resources to augment existing teams or fill interim vacancies until permanent hires are made.

Transformation Consulting

Advisory services for strategy and deployment of your digital transformation vision. Get results in months, not years, and stay on budget.

Take Control Of Your Future

Are you ready to build a data-driven culture where your people, process, and technology become a competitive advantage?

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