Customer Data Platform

A Customer Data Platform is frequently viewed as the silver bullet for all third party, first party, and tech stack issues by replacing the whole stack with one platform.

Indeed, the idea of bringing all your first-party data together, addressing privacy compliance, resolving user identity, uncovering hidden insights, building predictive models, and activating media against built look-alikes—all in one environment—is very tempting.

At DELVE, we know that while out-of-the-box CDPs can be the fastest to implement, they’re also expensive and might not address your unique needs, leading to inefficiencies and underuse of the overall tech stack.

Market leaders including Uber, Airbnb, and Amazon tend to go with custom-built CDP solutions—an option that DELVE can enable for your brand as well.

The Business Challenge

Brands want to take action on their customer data to drive better decisions by using out-of-the-box Customer Data Platforms.

CDP companies offer so many silver-bullet options to choose from, it might be difficult to pick the CDP that minimizes your upfront and maintenance costs while maximizing the value to your brand.

Many brands end up missing incremental revenue opportunities due to overpriced CDP subscriptions that lower your working media budget and lead to an increased tech burden.

Essentially, CDP is not a platform—it is a data framework. A framework of managing your third- and first-party data, and your tech architecture, all centered around the goal of maximizing RoAS and revenue.

Such a CDP data framework can be built in-house with the help of the right resources.

The Benefits of Solving It

When empowered with a properly deployed CDP, brands benefits in numerous ways:

  • You own the technology and intellectual property. DELVE designs bespoke CDPs using off-the-shelf components from Google Cloud Platform, Azure, or AWS. Your CDP will be in-housed, helping avoid the $500k+ annual subscription fees.
  • Know exactly what a CDP is capable of doing vs. what is marketing-driven vaporware
  • Stop budget waste on inefficient targeting
  • Maximize RoAS
  • Enable precision messaging in the applicable channels
  • Deliver a better, more relevant, and personalized customer experience

Our Approach To The Customer Data Platform

Our Process

  • DELVE does not start with technology conversations. We start by understanding the marketing outcomes that you want to enable.
  • We work backward from those desired outcomes to design and build a CDP solution that will deliver tangible value the moment it is turned on.
  • DELVE will present a number of CDP solutions to meet your business goals, including out-of-the-box and custom CDP solutions.
  • If appropriate, DELVE will partner with your IT and/or Analytics and Advertising teams to help onboard and deploy a CDP solution, or to help your internal team build your own CDP from existing components.

Your Outcomes

  • A CDP designed by marketers, for marketers, built by engineers with use cases that aim to lower waste and increase RoAS
  • Clarity around what a CDP will and won’t accomplish, so that you know and understand the cost/benefit equation
  • Better user experience for your customers across the marketing channels the CDP will impact
  • Savings on subscription fees with your own out-of-the-box CDO framework

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