Episode 1

Chief Advancement Officer, Partners in Health – on how marketers can create a 5 year runway to create transformative impact

Hosted by Greg Sobiech

Francesco De Flaviis, Principal and Chief Advancement & Communications Officer at Partners In Health

This week I am speaking with Francesco Deflaviis. Principal, Chief Advancement & Communications Officer at Partners In Health.

Partners in Health is an International non-profit that provides healthcare in the poorest areas of developing countries.

Francesco believes the only way for marketers to stay in leadership roles for 5 years plus, and have the runway to create lasting transformative value is to be polyvalent. This means that marketers can be useful in more than one way. This person must have both broad and deep expertise and experience.

He recommends that marketers get outside of their comfort zone, and take on many new roles, more often – to build up proficiency within areas where they currently lack experience.

For instance, Francesco believes that marketers need to be proficient in the application of 1st party data – to drive revenue growth. This is crucial because when 3rd party cookies go away, brands will need to embrace their own 1st party data if they want to grow.

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