Episode 3

VP Global Comms and Marketing, ex Intel – on how marketers can simplify their messaging to bring to the surface what truly drives value for customers

Hosted by Greg Sobiech

Allyson Klein, Principal at Arena Marketing

This week I’m speaking with Allyson Klein, former VP of Marketing for Micron, and General Manager of Data Centric Marketing at INTEL. Currently, Allyson is a Principal at Arena Marketing, a leading marketing agency serving the technology industry.

If there is one thing I want you to take from this episode it’s the profound impact of simplifying your message to your customers and being authentic in leadership and communication which has been a guiding principle throughout her career.

This principle has helped her get to the highest levels of marketing leadership in multi billion dollar tech giants and has shaped her approach to marketing which is all about clear, genuine messaging as the cornerstone of corporate success.

Allyson forced me to critically evaluate my own approach to leadership and communication and I can say that I will be making some changes to how I run my company as a result.

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