Episode 2

VP of Marketing, ex Panasonic – on how marketers should connect with target audiences to improve engagement

Hosted by Greg Sobiech

Brian Rowley, CMO of BrightSign

This week I am speaking with Brian Rowley, who has held significant marketing roles at industry giants like Panasonic and Verizon, and now leads as CMO at BrightSign, a global leader in digital signage.

Brian shared his firm belief in the power of listening—a crucial skill for marketers aiming to truly connect with their audience. No doubt, we all understand the importance of communication that resonates with consumers, but to know and not to act, is not to know at all. How often do we step outside the office to engage directly with the people we’re trying to reach? Perhaps, not as often as we should.

Reflecting on my own experiences at Digitas and Bath & Body Works, I realize that getting away from the computer screen and the endless spreadsheets to interact face-to-face with consumers was rare—something that needed to change.

Brian also touched on how the COVID-19 pandemic restricted his team’s ability to connect in person with consumers, pushing them to discover innovative ways to understand and engage with their audience effectively.

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