Stronger Measurement Tactics Lead To More Efficient Marketing

December 14, 2019

In a perfect world, every company has an unlimited marketing budget. But the reality is that most businesses have a spending limit on their digital marketing campaigns, so it is vital to avoid unnecessary spending. So how can you make sure your business implements a cost-effective marketing strategy? Shift your focus to a stronger marketing measurement tactics, and invest in a marketing platform that allows you to access and interpret all of your data in one spot. Let’s walk through the top benefits of stronger measurement within your marketing efforts. 

Google Marketing Platform & Marketing Measurement Tactics

Before you implement any new measurement tactics, you’ll need to shift how you think about your overall digital marketing strategy. For example, many marketing teams measure results by grouping digital channels together, so there is no distinct way to measure and compare the data from offline channels. But the tools within Google Marketing Platform allow us to measure the results of marketing efforts online and offline in one cohesive package. 

Google Analytics 360, for example, gives you the ability to track meaningful information about how customers engage with your websites, apps, and ads. You’re also able to connect and manage all of that information in one single place. The result? Your data analysis, insights, and reporting become highly visible to your whole team so that you can take a truly collaborative approach in your marketing efforts. 

More importantly, all of the tools in the Google Marketing Platform work together through seamless integration so you have a complete picture of your data, online and offline. The ability to adequately measure the customer journey, cross-channel, helps you understand who your customers are as people, which allows you to personalize your campaigns and increase conversions. This creates a more efficient campaign process that saves time and money. 

Impacts of Stronger Measurement Tactics

The tools available in Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud Platform not only allow you to connect customers’ online and offline behavior, but they also allow you to filter your data by customer interests, demographics, and attributes. Running on Google Marketing Platform offers the most customization options when building out your digital marketing campaign. 

You can also filter customer data by online and offline behavior and purchasing power. Additionally, you can track how customers navigate your sites and apps, and discover which ads or content they engage with most. 

The ability to measure all of your data in one package also helps your business target customers with information that specifically resonates with them. This helps to refine your marketing approach and allows you to strategically manage your marketing budget and resources. And when you invest in a Google Marketing Platform, you can reallocate your budget and spend more where it makes the most significant impact. 

Most importantly, you can increase revenue without increasing cost, leading to more cost-efficient marketing overall. 

At DELVE, we leverage the power of Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud Platform to drive conversions from a data-first mindset. Learn more about how we implement Google Marketing Platform tools to elevate digital marketing for our clients.

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