Gaming Industry Operatore Stride Gaming Increased New Customer Revenue by 50% at a 12% Lower CPA

August 12, 2020

Understanding user behavior is essential for any company, but it’s even more significant for the gaming industry. Website traffic fluctuations in the gaming industry are impacted by many factors, one of which can be weather conditions. People prefer to stay home in bad weather and aim to be outside when it’s warm. Gaming companies who look a step ahead and adjust their marketing strategies accordingly can generate better revenue. 

Maintaining strong partnerships with one of the leading UK’s online gaming companies, Stride Gaming, DELVE executed an in-depth data exploration and found distinctive characteristics in users’ behaviors. These revealed unique insights that enabled us to venture a hypothesis, which ultimately proved to be true.

The Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud Platform native integration allowed DELVE to analyze unified users’ data for Stride in Google Big Query. This in-depth analysis in Big Query allowed DELVE to find specific correlations between website traffic and weather conditions, so our experts built a strong weather-customized creative strategy for one of the UK’s top gaming companies. The strategy included the new ads design, development, and launch using Campaign Manager (CM) and Display & Video 360 (DV360). The customized creatives strategy empowered Stride to improve their ads targeting and drive better marketing efficiency while generating new customer acquisition.

The Goal:

The Approach:

The Results

The full case study provides granular insights into the data-driven approach that boosted new customer revenue for one of the UK’s gaming companies. Get in touch with the DELVE team today to access the full case study.

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