Long Live Marketing Data Scientists

December 11, 2019

In today’s digital marketing landscape, the roles of marketing individuals and how they work together have changed. Media buyers and analysts originally had very separate skillsets and often worked in silos. While teams collaborated here and there, their relationships never went beyond sharing basic information. Each team completed their step in the campaign process and sent it on to other departments for next steps without ever looking back. 

But today, a broader range of people and roles within digital marketing understand data analytics technology. Data analytics teams return insights on a faster, more reliable scale, and can feed data back to the media-buying side faster than ever before. 

At the same time, media buyers give data analysts better context for results they see in the data, allowing the data analytics team to refine their approach. Media buyers think beyond the audience and place a stronger emphasis on analytics when creating their plan of action. Data Analysts introduce sophisticated Google demographic data into the long-standing media buyer-way of thinking about the audience. This partnership between data analytics and media buyers results in robust, more effective campaign targeting. Data analysts are no longer just data analysts, and media buyers are no longer just media buyers. Instead, members of both teams become Marketing Data Scientists. 

Our team at DELVE consists of individuals that understand both the media buying and analytics side of digital marketing, and we create a strong partnership between teams. How do we do it? We embed our data analytics teams on Media projects, and Attribution is a key theme within the context of all media discussions. As the teams’ mix, they also learn each other’s roles. 

This creates an environment where we work with a constant-learner mindset, and share new knowledge with each other on a consistent basis. The result? Powerful data-first insight that elevates our client’s digital marketing campaigns.

Data and media activation combining forces is a key trend across the industry, and it materializes in the technology we use as well. As a Google Marketing Platform Partner, we activate Google Analytics 360 data to deliver better results in Display and Video 360. Google Analytics 360 has a dedicated audience tab, and our Media teams have access to an audience composition tab in Display and Video 360.

Combining audience insights from both tools, thanks to the native integration between Google Analytics 360 and Display and Video 360, provides you with a much stronger view of your data. 

Learn more about our team and how we work seamlessly with the tools of Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud Platform to create compelling digital marketing campaigns, backed by transparent and intelligent data. 

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