Appeal of Google Analytics 360 Increases After Adobe Raises Price

November 26, 2019

We’ve all been there. We plan to renew a service, whether it’s our phone plan or how we watch our favorite tv shows, and prices suddenly go up. 

Of course, it’s no different in the world of online marketing, specifically when it comes to Adobe Analytics. Adobe Analytics Customers are continually frustrated when Adobe Analytics aggressively raises prices as their renewal period approaches. 

Adobe Analytics is a great platform that many marketers use, and it competes very closely with Google Analytics 360 in most areas. There are, however, two significant exceptions: marketing integrations and now, price. 

One significant benefit Google Analytics 360, (the enterprise version of Google Analytics) previously had over Adobe Analytics was strong data visualizarions and robust native integrations with the Google Stack (Google Marketing Platform, Google Cloud, and more recently, Salesforce). Now, price is a factor too significant for marketers to ignore.

Why does Adobe increase prices, and what makes pricing so different for Adobe Analytics customers compared to Google Analytics 360? To understand this, we must understand the go-to-market strategy of each product. Google Analytics 360 and Adobe differ significantly here. 

Google focuses on the technology, and they leave the sales and service side to their trusted network of Google Marketing Platform Partners (like DELVE). A Google Marketing Platform Partner is beneficial to the customer because Google has a set price for Google Analytics 360, and resellers offer additional value at no cost. 

What does additional value look like for customers of DELVE? We include 120 hours of support per year, for free. As a customer, you have access to our expert data science, analytics, and marketing strategy teams when you need them at no additional cost. You can learn more about our services on our website, here. 

Adobe, on the other hand, owns the production, sales, and services of Adobe Analytics. Therefore, Adobe is 100% in control of how the product is implemented and serviced, which forces Adobe Analytics customers to adapt to Adobe’s changing ideals constantly. Adapting leads to expensive upcharges needed to build custom solutions with the Adobe team. 

Think of it this way: If your Google Marketing Partner fails to meet your expectations, you can switch to another Google Marketing Platform Partner. Adobe leverages this strategy as an opportunity to raise prices for adobe analytics customers across the board.

The good news is that there’s another option, and our teams at DELVE are experts in it: the premium version of Google Analytics, called Google Analytics 360. 

Instead of paying $200,000 to $400,000 per year on Adobe Analytics with costly renewal increases, make the switch to Google Analytics 360 at $150,000 per year, and work with a top-rated Google Marketing Platform partner and get real time insights into customer  beahvior and actions on your site. 

Adobe Analytics customers looking for significant savings, a smart long term investment, and partnership with experts across the Google Marketing Platform upgrade to Google Analytics 360!

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