Google Digital Maturity Framework

November 8, 2019

What’s your company’s score? And why should your brand care?

In 2017, Boston Consulting Group and Google developed the Digital Marketing Maturity Framework. In a nutshell, the framework helps DELVE and our Clients discover how advanced their Digital Marketing efforts are across a few key areas:

Our goal at DELVE is to help our clients advance up the maturity framework, step-by step, and unlock hidden ROI in the process.

What does this all mean in day-to-day terms? Let’s start with Brand ABC as an example.

Brand ABC uses multiple third-party vendors to buy media, and relies on the third-party reports to measure performance. They have no internal attribution or reporting solutions built out, but they do have a team of analysts who analyze the third-party reports. They do have paid search in house and use Google Analytics Free to measure the effectiveness of this channel. However, their paid search team relies solely on last-click attribution, so they don’t collaborate with the analysts to dive deeper into how search is influenced by other media channels.

Brand ABC models the majority of brands, which fall into the Nascent or Emerging buckets. So, what can they do to mature?

By relying on third-party reporting, Brand ABC has very little ownership or insight into which digital channels are providing value. They can upgrade to an enterprise analytics solution, such as Google Analytics 360, in order to move away from last-click attribution (which is typically biased towards search). This allows users to gain more granular insight into ROI derived from each channel.

Another step they can take to move up the Maturity Framework? Bring media buying in-house, by purchasing their own in-house seat on Display and Video 360. This step provides transparency into the efficiency and effectiveness of Brand ABC’s media strategies, and can therefore reduce costs and increase the accuracy and effectiveness of targeting. Finally, an easy but often overlooked step is breaking down the silos that exist within the brand. Brand ABC should collaborate and use their existing analytics and in-house search teams to build out better measurement within Google Analytics 360.

Obviously, Brand ABC is fictitious, but a surprising number of brands today are in similar situations. To find out where you stand take the assessment below or give us a call.

Take the Google Digital Marketing Maturity Assessment for yourself and let us know what you score!

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