Gerber Life Insurance Increased Conversions by 25% at a 15% Lower CPA

May 5, 2020

We know how important it is for insurance companies to have a holistic view of their cross-channel advertising activity in the modern digital world. We’re proud to maintain a strong partnership with one of the top providers in the insurance industry Gerber Life Insurance Company (GLIC), who, for more than 50 years, has been providing quality budget-friendly life insurance products to middle-income families.

Our collaboration started when GLIC realized it’s essential to understand their media mix better to drive more efficient customer acquisition. Also, they aimed to shift from last-click attribution to multi-touch attribution to discover the true value of programmatic display media within the customer journey across multiple vendors.

By leveraging data sharing capabilities of Campaign Manager and Google Analytics 360 (GA360), DELVE analyzed the full user acquisition path and built a multi-touch attribution model in GA360 that allowed GLIC to discover the true value of upper-funnel programmatic display performance within the customer journey. This insight enabled DELVE to develop a new sophisticated media strategy for GLIC that focused on boosting the top funnel customer acquisition across all partners.

We are excited to share our success with GLIC’s project.

The Goal

The Approach

The Results

Our full case provides insights into our analytic-first programmatic media approach that drives incremental customer acquisition and increased marketing efficiency within the same budget. Get in touch with the DELVE team today to access the full case study.