5 Steps to Success with Amazon DSP

April 26, 2021

Delve Goes Deeper: Amazon DSP

How to reach high-intent audiences outside of amazon.comand convert on your site.

This is the seventh and final post in our Amazon DSP series, exploring how this robust demand-side platform can help you reach an engaged, high-intent audience at scale—and deliver higher ROI versus traditional demographic data.

One of our favorite things about Amazon DSP is the fact that you can leverage Amazon’s data to target high-intent audiences off Amazon.com and send them directly to your brand site. This enables you to convert the shopper on your site, which means that you avoid paying Amazon’s revenue share fee and you maintain the customer relationship including all relevant customer information.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1  Shopper visits Amazon.com to search for products. While 90% of those shoppers will abandon amazon.com, they are still in the market for the products—which may include your Brand’s product categories or SKUs.

Step 2  These “Amazon abandoners” become “High-Intent Audiences” which are ingested into the Amazon DSP Programmatic Display stack.

Step 3  Amazon DSP serves Programmatic Display ad units outside of amazon.com. The display ads direct traffic to your Brand’s website.

Step 4  The conversion and transaction happen on your Brand’s website.

Step 5  You bypass the revenue share fee with Amazon and you keep the customer relationship.

By using Amazon DSP, you have access to powerful intent data from amazon.com. The ads are served outside amazon.com and the click goes to your site. As a result, you don’t have to pay Amazon the 20-30% revenue share that you would have to pay if you were to sell your products on amazon.com.

This article was developed in partnership with Fit For Commerce, a leading boutique consultancy that helps online and multichannel brands and retailers make informed digital, ecommerce and omnichannel retail investment decisions.

5 Steps to Success with Amazon

How to reach high-intent audiences outside of amazon.com—and convert on your site.