How You Too Can Benefit from Amazon’s High-Intent Data

February 24, 2021

Delve Goes Deeper: Amazon DSP

Learn how Amazon’s demand-side platform (DSP) complements your programmatic display programs.

This is the fourth post in our Amazon DSP series, exploring how this robust demand-side platform can help you reach an engaged, high-intent audience at scale—and deliver higher ROI versus traditional demographic data.

Not only gaining increased popularity as a search engine, Amazon is also capturing new market share in the digital advertising space because of its unique access to high-intent data and the ability to target consumers at all stages of the shopping journey. High traffic destinations, such as Google and Facebook, offer a wide range of customer data to advertisers, making them the go-to digital advertising platforms for many retailers and brands. Amazon, however, is quickly catching up by providing potential advantages over both Google and Facebook.

Unlike these other platforms, Amazon combines audience scale and engagement with actual conversion and transactional data. As the operator of the largest database of online shoppers, representing all stages of the customer journey across hundreds of retail categories, as well as a range of digital destination, Amazon is able to offer a complete digital advertising platform. 

The Amazon Advertising platform offers a suite of solutions designed to help businesses reach shoppers at every stage of the purchase journey including sponsored brands, sponsored products, product listing ads (PLA), and Amazon DSP.

Many brands and retailers leverage sponsored display ads on or other features of Amazon Advertising; however, few have yet to use Amazon DSP—the demand-side platform that allows marketers to leverage high-intent data from The unique value that Amazon offers retailers and brands, even those that do not sell on Amazon, is that they can leverage high-intent data for comprehensive audience targeting and optimize programmatic digital advertising results through Amazon DSP.

By anticipating customer needs and purchase intent—understanding where, when, and what they search for, as well as recent purchases—retailers and brands can deliver highly relevant and personalized digital advertising campaigns that encourage click-throughs, result in increased sales conversions, and ultimately achieve a higher return on investment from programmatic advertising.

This article was developed in partnership with Fit For Commerce, a leading boutique consultancy that helps online and multichannel brands and retailers make informed digital, ecommerce and omnichannel retail investment decisions.