The Power of Intent Data

February 10, 2021

Delve Goes Deeper: Amazon DSP

Achieve better programmatic display results based on shoppers’ real-time searches and recent purchases.

This is the second post in our Amazon DSP series, exploring how this robust demand-sideplatform can help you reach an engaged, high-intent audience at scale—and deliver higher ROI versus traditional demographic data

In an increasingly competitive landscape where ecommerce is taking a greater market share of overall retail, and consumers are spending more and more time online, retailers and brands are feeling greater pressure to optimize marketing spend where it counts. Since digital has such a dominant role in our everyday life and today’s shopping journey, it is essential that retailers and brands cut through the noise and ensure that their advertising dollars are spent right —reaching the right people, at the right time, with as much relevancy as possible. 

The majority of marketers have mastered the art of targeting based on traditional demographics, customer history, and even behavioral data. But beyond data points such as age, gender, income, and browsing patterns, retailers and brands have access to a wide range of rich data that they can leverage to better target and convert shoppers. It is possible to achieve even better results, especially better programmatic display results inside of demand-side platforms, when targeting, or excluding, shoppers based on what they need at any given moment or based on what they have recently purchased.

Retailers and brands can assess consumer needs and purchase intent by utilizing data related to what they are searching for on, – and now also on This high-intent data allows you to target and market to shoppers based on what they are actively searching for, in real time.

In general, the keywords that people use to search online paint a picture of their intent. Essentially, they are telling us what they are in the market to purchase by what they are searching for. Targeting people by their intent allows you to more granularly target people who are in the market for a specific product, further along in the shopping journey, and therefore more likely to click on a relevant digital ad and convert.

By anticipating customer needs and purchase intent—understanding where, when, and what they search for, as well as recent purchases—retailers and brands can deliver highly relevant and personalized digital advertising campaigns that encourage click-throughs, result in increased sales conversions, and ultimately achieve a higher return on investment from programmatic advertising.

Many marketers use Google’s Custom Intent audiences to target based on intent, but few know that they can also leverage high-intent audience data from Amazon—perhaps the strongest and most powerful signal of intent is when a person searches and views specific products on

This article was developed in partnership with Fit For Commerce, a leading boutique consultancy that helps online and multichannel brands and retailers make informed digital, ecommerce and omnichannel retail investment decisions.