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Data Science in Gambling and FTP Games: Data Enrichment (Episode 2)

Using Data Enrichment to Improve Experience Design and Loyalty On July 30, 2021, DELVE hosted the second of two episodes in our webinar series focused on gaming.  During the webinar, Mikalai Tsytsarau, DELVE’s head of engineering and DELVE sales executive, Adam Harackiewicz, demonstrated how to use Google Cloud Platform to create a predictive lifetime value (pLTV) model using in-app data and applied analytics. They also discussed the specific skills your team needs for success. Topics…

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August 2, 2021

Optimizing App Predictions with AutoML Tables

Mikalai Tsytsarau, PhD,GCP Professional Data Engineer, DELVE AutoML Tables automatically build and deploy powerful machine learning models based on table data containing feature vectors. It scales model complexity and topology based on input data size, applies regression on simpler datasets, and uses more advanced models, like ensemble and deep learning, for more complex ones. Under the hood, AutoML uses Google Cloud’s infrastructure which supports model training, deployment, and serving with low…

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December 16, 2019 |

Efficient Feature Engineering of Event Data in BigQuery

Mikalai Tsytsarau, PhD GCP Professional Data Engineer Most App developers are familiar with Firebase – a powerful platform and Software Development Kit backed by Google, which provides a secure database, analytics, messaging, and everything else needed for app development, all in one seamless package. Firebase provides convenient user profile and event logging functionality, which facilitates app analytics, user attribution, and churn analysis. A distinct feature of Firebase is its ability to log an…

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December 13, 2019 |
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