Where Growth Meets Opportunity

August 30, 2022

Kiana Nemoto discusses her role as DELVE’s AdTechPlatform leader—and the opportunities for growth within this high-performing, dynamic team.

Kiana, what do you do at DELVE?

As Managing Director of AdTechPlatform, I’m responsible for the technology-licensing side of DELVE’s business. My team suports the clients that use the self-service technology we resell, and we’re also hyper-focused on the latest product updates, new solutions and general market changes. We aim to be the expert that advertisers call first with any questions about technology, especially in today’s fast-paced SaaS environment that always presents new challenges. 

How did you start working at DELVE?

I started working on DELVE’s media team as a trader and analyst where I monitored performance, implemented optimizations and provided analysis on a few client accounts. Next, I moved into a more senior role where I was responsible for overseeing customer success and performance. Then right before COVID, I was asked by DELVE leadership to start a new team focused on licensing Google’s technology—and I’ve been building the department ever since. We are now serving 70+ clients in the US and Europe across 17 countries, and acting as an AdTech Center of Excellence internally and for our clients. 

How did you come up with the idea of creating a new team? 

Throughout my years working with various partners to access different AdTech, I noticed gaps in the market offering that I frequently discussed with DELVE leadership. The industry itself has a lack of trust, and having so many barriers to entry can often put campaign performance at risk. Going to the market with an offering that DELVE wishes we had ourselves has not only worked, it’s something we can be—and we are—very proud of. 

Why is the AdTech team so important?

Supporting our self-service clientele at global scale has allowed our team to grow and function as an AdTech Center of Excellence. We’re able to test and research the latest tech, expand our expertise, support our partners in innovation, and better educate our clients on features and complimentary products—all of which help build trust, and lead to high adoption rates.

What makes DELVE so different?

The biggest thing that sets DELVE apart is the quality of our talent. This makes a huge difference in such a fast-paced, technical industry, and it not only benefits our clients but also our internal teams. There are so many people to learn from, and having such advanced expertise leads to very exciting work and pioneering projects.

What gives you that DELVE ‘fire in the belly’?

My desire to expand my team, the company, and my own knowledge. I strongly believe that no one is ever done learning, and this industry is constantly evolving, creating new opportunities to learn and grow.