UNICEF USA Increases Donation Amount Over 78%

April 22, 2020

We love doing work in the non-profit space so when UNICEF USA (the U.S. subsidiary of the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) came to us with the challenge of expanding their donor network, we were eager to help.

Using Google Cloud Platform informed data, DELVE built 20 distinct audience segments and was able to identify UNICEF USA’s highest-value customers. From the shared characteristics of the highest-value donors, our experts were able to create look-a-like audiences for targeted media campaigns. Through Display & Video 360, UNICEF USA was able to deliver highly personalize and targeted display ads to their highest-value potential donors for increased ROAS and ultimately increase their donor network.

We’re excited to share the results in a case study featuring our work with UNICEF USA.

The Goals

The Approach

The Results

Our full UNICEF USA case study outlines our analytic-first programmatic media approach to deliver personalized and data-informed messaging to the right donors in the right way at the right time.  Get in touch with the DELVE team today to access the full case study.