How Stride Gaming Increased ROI by 24% with LTV Optimization

June 26, 2020

Running paid search advertising activity without remarketing is challenging for any brand. However, gaming companies adapted their marketing strategy to overcome these limitations, and successfully drive paid search advertising aimed at high-value customer acquisition. 

We at DELVE are excited to partner with the UK’s leading online gaming company, Stride Gaming, and help them to achieve incremental marketing growth.

Spending a significant part of their marketing budget on low-value customers, Stride Gaming involved DELVE to collect and execute an in-depth analysis of their first-party data to predict Customer Lifetime Value and optimize bids towards those with the highest predictive lifetime value (pLTV).

Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud Platform native integration allowed DELVE to connect Stride Gaming’s online advertising data with their CRM data to build a unified customer view. Informed by user-level data, DELVE leveraged machine learning modeling to predict customer lifetime value and cluster the users into high, medium, and low-value audiences segments. The ML models were successfully deployed to inform paid search bidding in real-time against pLTV.

The Goal:

The Approach:

The Results

The full case study provides insights into our data-driven approach that targeted high-value paid search channel customer acquisition for one of the UK’s largest gaming companies. Get in touch with the DELVE team today to access the full case study.