Message from the CEO

December 16, 2020

Heading into 2021 with Gratitude and Hope

2021 Is Almost Here – And I Couldn’t Be More Excited

2020 has been such a challenging year. I personally cannot wait for January 1, 2021! While I know leaving 2020 behind will elicit purely symbolic relief, I am eager to move beyond the many ups and downs of this past pandemic year and embrace a new year filled with promise and possibility.

Over the past year, DELVE has been on quite a rollercoaster. February, March and April were nerve-wracking from a business standpoint. With much of the country on lockdown, we didn’t know what to expect—how would we move forward as a global team? Would we be able to seamlessly deliver for clients while working remotely? I am happy to report that we are not just working well together, but we’re thriving as a cohesive global team. It is also gratifying to see operational and financial resiliency among the many clients and brands with which we partner.

Measurement First Is Our Foundation 

In many ways, DELVE has been preparing for 2020 for the last decade. Back in January of 2011, when I quit my “day job” and DELVE became my focus, I started by helping brands with their advertising measurement, web analytics and 1st party data challenges. Almost 10 years later, that early commitment to ‘truth in data’ is deeply ingrained in our culture. Over the years, as we added  Data and Media Management, AdTech System Integration, and Digital Consulting capabilities, we have always retained our measurement-first DNA.

Data Activation is the Key to Powerful Partnership

Measurement isn’t just about reactive data collection. At DELVE, measurement is a stepping stone toward ‘data activation’. Data collection for the sake of collection is unhelpful. Data collection that is purpose-designed with an end-state in mind is true ‘data activation’. I think that’s why we have thrived in 2020. Our relentless pursuit of clean data, our focus on efficiency, and our transparent, adaptive and strategic approach to relationship-building have allowed us to be a powerful, trustworthy partner to the people and brands that put their 1st party data and advertising dollars under our stewardship.

Looking Forward with Gratitude

As we enter 2021, helping companies to activate data in a way that allows them to glean actionable insights and make more agile decisions will be more important than ever before. This year, I’m looking forward to building upon the foundation we’ve laid over the past months and years and helping our clients realize their goals. 

I am grateful for 2020—the year’s challenges have tested us and made us stronger.

I am grateful for every member of the DELVE team, our clients (many of whom have become close friends), and all the suppliers we lean on for data and advertising technology. 

Being thankful is key to personal happiness. I have a lot to be thankful for this year. To each and every member of the DELVE family: Thank you for being with me on this journey. 

Greg Sobiech