Meet the Team: Ryan Abely

June 11, 2021

Name: Ryan Abely

Title: Database Marketing Manager/Direct Marketing Manager

What are your job responsibilities?
I manage a team of database marketing analysts, and we deliver direct mail, email, and SMS campaigns for our clients.

How long have you been at DELVE?
Going on four years.

What does a typical workday look like for you?
My morning is usually spent catching up with my team in Minsk; they have a bit of a jump-start on me. They’re the ones who have the pulse on the production issues of the day.

That database is refreshed every night, so it’s something we troubleshoot to ensure that it’s updated correctly and that our campaigns have deployed accordingly. Then we’ll meet on what campaigns we’re building, discuss business logic, and work through the execution details.

What is the best part of your job?
I really like the folks. Some of the best friendships I’ve made as an adult have come from DELVE. I also have a tremendous amount of respect for the people on my team and their willingness to help one another. We do a great job supporting one another and not hanging each other out to dry, and I really appreciate that about DELVE.

How do you stay connected with teammates even when working remotely?
Lots of Giphy in the Slack chats! We have frequent video calls. I’m on calls with my team daily. We’re in the final stages of a big database migration that involves us moving all our client’s campaigns to a new database. So, we’re in close communication with one another and with the client to make sure that goes smoothly.

What are you excited about, work-wise, in 2021?
I’m excited to be operating out of this new shiny DB environment. My team is also going through a bit of an upskilling, we’re starting to do a bit more marketing analytics and visualization, so that’s something I’m excited for and to bring my team along on that upskilling journey.

What are some characteristics of people who do well at DELVE?
Self-starters, those who can take instruction well and are willing to take initiative tend to do very well here. No one has a crystal ball, but the ability to anticipate potential problems and address them proactively goes a long way.

My favorite tech tool is…
Big Query, it’s a really powerful tool in the GCP stack. But in general I just like writing SQL queries. It doesn’t matter what query tool or what database – that’s my preferred way to explore data.

Outside of work, you can find me…
Riding my bike or at the climbing gym.

Something few people know about me is…
That I can ride a unicycle.

This year, I’m planning to DELVE DEEPER into…
I’m a recent uncle, and I learned how to crochet so I could make a baby blanket for my nephew. He’s going to need a hat and mittens so this year I’ll probably be DELVEing deeper into crocheting.   

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