Meet the Team: Robert Enriques

April 2, 2021

Name: Robert Enriques

Title: Head of Delivery

What are your job responsibilities?

I lead the building and scaling of a world-class delivery organization at DELVE. I also spend part of my time evangelizing the value of data science in marketing.

How long have you been at DELVE? 

7 years part-time as a consultant and 3 years full time. I joined full-time to start up the marketing data science practice from scratch, then transitioned to focus on data science business development, and I recently transitioned to overall client engagement delivery excellence.

What does a typical workday look like for you? 

A typical workday involves lots of time dedicated to scaling a global delivery organization. This includes org design and optimization, recruiting, staffing, and thinking about how to attract and retain talent. I also invest portions of most days working with the various DELVE business unit leaders to continuously improve delivery processes to ensure efficient and high-quality work product is delivered to clients on-time in a manner that aspires to exceed both client and employee expectations.

In addition, I talk with numerous external client business stakeholders (from marketing and IT to finance and demand planning) about solving their most pressing data-related challenges using DELVE’s systematic and laser-focused problem-first approach, evangelizing the importance and value of data science in achieving incremental marketing performance along the way.

What is the best part of your job? 

The best part of my job is working on implementing strategies to support scalable company growth. Recruiting, org design, delivery process optimization, and generally tackling business problems related to delivering client value in the most frictionless way possible are pretty interesting intellectual challenges that have both short- and long-term tangible effects on overall company growth. 

How do you stay connected with teammates even when working remotely? 

I spend half of my day connecting with colleagues on video over Google Meets or Slack. Personally, I define “connected” as building relationships beyond just talking about business or work. I enjoy really getting to know everyone on a human level and try to grow that kind of connection throughout my day to keep everything I do grounded in the impact I have on others’ lives, inside and outside of work. Generally, remote work unlocks more quality human interactions for me (though not in person) due to the frictionless nature of scheduling and jumping on video calls.

What are you excited about, work-wise, in 2021? 

I’m really excited to see how the importance of marketing data science will grow exponentially by the end of 2021, because companies will see that the way to fill the gaps created by a cookie-less world (and “identity opacity” in general) is to leverage data and extrapolate optimal marketing actions in a way analogous to what cookies have enabled until now. Voids are always filled by innovation, so I’m excited to see how marketers and marketing consultancies – including DELVE – solve very specific marketing strategy execution challenges when one of their “easy buttons” are taken away.

What are some characteristics of people who do well at DELVE?

People who do well here are definitely the ambitious, super curious, intellectual, entrepreneurial, and practical types. They’re thirsty for knowledge and learning, and they’re comfortable with the fact that every day might bring different and somewhat ambiguous intellectual and analytical business challenges that can only be solved through iteration and optimization (as opposed to those challenges that can be solved via template or simple calculators). The most successful staff here take initiative to find the answers to questions and carve their own destinies. If you have the initiative, the ambition, and the drive, and if you’re willing to put in the reps to gain a mastery of various aspects of data-driven marketing, then it’s almost like the sky’s the limit.

My favorite tech tool is… 

There are so many, but I tend to turn to Tableau over and over again for different reasons. I use it as part of my workflow – not for only creating dashboards. It allows me to quickly analyze data and visualize it, which is helpful not only in client consulting engagements and delivering actual work product, but it also becomes useful in visualizing concepts in business development or sales settings. I’ve used it in the past to visualize staff utilization reports, management reports, etc. I’ve also used it for personal reasons like visualizing my utility bills and analyzing various professional sports statistics. 

Outside of work, you can find me…

I’ll be at the beach with my family, especially these days (I’ve been back at my hometown on Maui since the end of the summer 2020)! I love to spend time snorkeling, body boarding, and out in the sun. 

Something few people know about me is…

I started my first company when I was 14. It was a mobile disco, and I was a DJ all through intermediate school and high school doing weddings, banquets, proms, etc. when all DJ music was on vinyl. I still have an extensive 30-year-old vinyl collection.

This year, I’m planning to DELVE DEEPER into… 

I’m going to DELVE deeper into long boarding and golfing.