Meet the Team: Jill Stelter

June 18, 2021

Title: Senior Recruiter

What are your job responsibilities?
I recruit for the organization. I assist our corporate office in the recruitment process—posting jobs, sourcing candidates, assisting with interviews, extending offers—and help our Belarus and Poland offices, so we can excel at recruiting there as well.

How long have you been at DELVE?
Four weeks!

What does a typical workday look like for you?
I start my morning by checking who has applied to our current open roles and sending some short lists to our hiring managers. From there, I have recruiting calls during lunch and in the afternoon. Later on, I dedicate time to sourcing, going through all our candidate pools, and making sure we’re responding in a timely manner. 

I also spend time on the talent acquisition side—so I help anyone within DELVE who’s looking for training or development in interviewing, etc., or anyone who’s interested in looking for a new role within our four walls.

What is the best part of your job?
I get to talk to new people every day. Not only do I interact with new candidates with new backgrounds, I also speak with our hiring teams across the globe on a daily basis. That’s my favorite part—I love speaking with different people and educating them about our roles and how they might fit in at DELVE.

What are you excited about, work-wise, in 2021?
At DELVE, we’re a tech company, and we’re really good at consulting in that space. I’m excited to develop more of an employer brand presence. I’m also looking forward to streamlining a lot of our processes and getting an applicant tracking system in place, so candidates have a better experience as well. Ultimately, I’m excite to help the company grow.

What are some characteristics of people who do well at DELVE?
Anybody who embodies grit will do well at DELVE. We definitely have moments of ambiguity, and you have to be able to really hunker down and be okay with that, and then be okay with being crazy busy and being willing to jump in and tackle a new job or task and help out. 

Another characteristic of people who do well is the ability to take constructive feedback, own it, and see it as a positive. At DELVE, we’re very transparent, and people who appreciate that can thrive here.

My favorite tech tool is…
So far, I would say I’m getting a lot better at Slack. When it comes to a sourcing tech tool, I love LinkedIn. 

Outside of work, you can find me…
Currently, you can find me house-hunting with my husband. Otherwise, we like to go to the lake and paddleboard with our dogs.  

Something few people know about me is…
I have 10 tattoos. 

This year, I’m planning to DELVE DEEPER into…
Launching an internship program.  

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