Meet the Team: Jeremy Leonard

April 30, 2021

Name: Jeremy Leonard

Title: Global Head of Consulting

What are your job responsibilities?

My primary responsibility is to oversee revenue growth for the company, but that really splits into two pieces. The first piece is to make sure our existing clients are in great shape and we have clear opportunities to help them grow their businesses. The second piece is to look for new business opportunities for DELVE.

Revenue growth is 75-80% of my responsibility. The other 20-25% is growing our consulting practice. We have a vision for the role strategic consulting should play in a digital consultancy like DELVE, and it’s my job to grow that team.

How long have you been at DELVE? 

SInce March 2021.

What does a typical workday look like for you? 

On a typical workday, my first priority is to make sure we don’t have any high-level fires with clients. My second priority is to problem-solve any issues we might have with existing clients. My third priority is to think through our clients’ businesses and proactively identify new opportunities for them. It’s my job to figure out how I can help DELVE get months ahead of our clients and make recommendations about their businesses to help them succeed. 

What is the best part of your job? 

We have some very complex clients, and the fact that they’re complex means the opportunities in front of us are huge. We’re really only limited by our imaginations, and that’s exciting. 

How do you stay connected with teammates even when working remotely? 

I have an advantage in that I was actually a DELVE client for three years. I’ve worked with the team for several years, and it’s been helpful to start in this new role with some personal relationships already formed. 

As a leader, I want to ensure that the new people in my team have time to vent a bit. It’s my goal to have frequent check-ins where my team can tell me how they’re truly feeling. As we work remotely like this, we have to go the extra mile to build personal relationships that we would normally build over a coffee or a lunch or a happy hour.

What are you excited about, work-wise, in 2021? 

I think we have a great opportunity this year to position DELVE through the lens of strategic consulting as more of a thought leader to all of our clients. If this year ends and our clients think, “if I’ve got a problem, let me call DELVE first,” that would be a great way to end the year.

What are some characteristics of people who do well at DELVE?

Grace under pressure, adaptability, and empathy. I think the people who do well here are people who actually care about their coworkers, and who are able to get things done even in the face of obstacles.

My favorite tech tool is… 

The collaborative nature of real-time messaging tools like Slack or Teams is a game-changer.

Outside of work, you can find me…

Either flyfishing on the closest trout stream, or in my liquor cabinet. I’m a bourbon drinker all the way.

Something few people know about me is…

I lived in West Berlin in 1987, when the wall was still up. My wife is from Munich, and in May we’ll have been married for 30 years. Most people are surprised when they find out that my two daughters are 25 and 22. I guess I’ll take that as a compliment!

This year, I’m planning to DELVE DEEPER into… 

Face-to-face friendships. I’m going deep on that this year.