DELVE expands to Baltics region: Bringing data-driven marketing expertise to catalyze startup growth

November 10, 2022

We’re excited to announce that DELVE is entering the Baltics region, bringing our proven expertise as a Google Cloud Platform Partner of the Year in Marketing Analytics and a leading Google Marketing Platform reseller to help catalyze growth in what is emerging as a hotbed of startup activity. The opening of DELVE’s Baltics office in Tallinn, Estonia will bring our expertise closer to the rapidly growing markets in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. 

“The Baltics has a booming startup market, with most of those startups competing for western market share, and we see huge potential to help businesses in this region grow faster,” says DELVE Founder and CEO, Greg Sobiech, “Especially in the current recessionary climate, with media and marketing budgets tightening and pressure on performance rising, DELVE can help these companies achieve more with less and ensure they’re spending money most efficiently. Our unique ‘FlyWheel’ approach helps our customers find their best, most valuable clients.”

Partnering with Google to connect fast-growing startups to the full Google marketing suite

DELVE is proud to be a trusted Google partner for clients around the globe. Our expansion into the Baltics region makes DELVE an exclusive Google partner in these emerging markets. “We are able to provide full-scale, end-to-end service to help companies in the Baltics region leverage the full potential of Google’s marketing suite,” explains Sobiech, “We make it easy with one contact to address all their digital marketing needs across Measurement, Data Engineering, Data Science, and Marketing Activation.”

Filling a knowledge gap to accelerate growth in the Baltics region

DELVE is entering the Baltics region amid rapid local growth and strong global expansion that’s largely driven by the thriving startup culture. Total VC funding in the Baltics has drastically increased in recent years. But motivated leaders of these new businesses are finding a frustrating lack of partners expertise needed to grow and scale their businesses. 

“Ambitious, growth-minded business leaders need ambitious, growth-minded partners that understand their passion — and are just as committed to growing and achieving those goals,” says Andy Semenihin, Head of Operations for DELVE’s Baltics practice. “At DELVE, we’re wired like ambitious business leaders — we think the same.” 

DELVE is filling this knowledge gap to accelerate growth and help both individual businesses and the broader Baltics market reach greater maturity. “Our big-picture goal in the Baltics region is to contribute to the development of the digital marketing ecosystem to positively impact the economic growth and sustainability of the region,” says Semenihin, “With our leadership roots being from CEE, we always want to help smaller economies thrive.” 

Building on proven success helping startup markets grow

Since DELVE’s founding in 2008 by Grzegorz Sobiech, we’ve helped hundreds of brands in the U.S. to achieve growth through smarter, data-driven marketing while running our practice areas out of Warsaw, Poland and Minsk, Belarus. With our services’ expansion into the CEE region in 2017, we have built a global presence and reputation as a leader in data-driven marketing. DELVE works with major brands, including Virgin, AT&T Fiber, Generali, Gerber Life Insurance Company, UNICEF, Capital One Shopping, Hebe, UPC, We’ve also helped well-known startups to scale quickly and successfully. We understand the goals, problems and roadblocks that startups have — and we know how smarter, data-driven marketing can help.

Solving the unique challenges of growth amid recession

DELVE also recognizes how the current recessionary climate presents acute challenges to startups and to all growth-minded businesses. DELVE has helped our clients power through recessions in the past. And we’ve developed proven strategies that can help motivated Baltics businesses to not just survive, but thrive in the current macroeconomic environment. The key is our relentless focus on efficiency. Our measurement-first approach to data-driven marketing is all about making marketing spend work harder and go further. “We have proven strategies around doing more with less,” says Semenihin, “DELVE can help companies to drive more efficient marketing, finding opportunities for cost saving, and making sure they’re allocating budget for maximum effectiveness.”

To connect with DELVE, or to learn more about our practice in the Baltics region, contact Andy Semenihin.