Best Practices to Define, Reach, and Impress Your SuperFans Today across DV360 and Amazon Ads

December 7, 2023

Defining your SuperFans across DV360 (Display & Video 360) and Amazon Ads involves identifying and targeting the most engaged and loyal customers who are likely to drive the highest return on investment. Below are some tips and suggestions that we have proven to be successful when helping clients define and target their high value audiences.

In order to reach and impress your SuperFans, first you have to determine how to DEFINE them.

Let’s take a look at how to do this in DV360 and Amazon Ads:

Specific to DV360, you can also create audience lists. DV360 allows you to create and use audience lists for targeting. You can create remarketing lists, customer match lists, and other custom lists based on user behavior and interactions with your brand. Along with this, you can link DV360 to GA360 and use the historical data on audiences that have already converted to strictly target them. 

To REACH your brand SuperFans you have a range of effective options at your disposal.

There are several options in DV360:

To effectively connect with your SuperFans using DV360, it’s essential to tap into the natural connection between DV360 and Google Analytics 360. This integration opens up a realm of unique opportunities, allowing you to gain deeper insights into your website and DV360 audience. By analyzing these insights, you can develop a more comprehensive profile of your SuperFans. You can explore demographics, geographical data, and their website behavior. Armed with this information, you can curate a highly specific audience segment, upload it directly to your DV360 account, and use it to target your campaign;

Moreover, you’re not limited to just targeting your SuperFans – you can also create a Lookalike Audience (LAL) based on your GA360 audience. This enables you to reach users who share similarities with your SuperFans, broadening your reach while still maintaining relevance;

The insights gleaned from GA360 reports are invaluable for understanding your SuperFans’ preferences. You can utilize demographics such as age, gender, and even household income using DV360 Demographics targeting. Additionally, you can target specific regions where your SuperFans reside by employing DV360 GEO targeting, allowing you to pinpoint states, DMAs, cities, and even ZIP codes for precise targeting;

For even more precise audience targeting, leverage Google In-Market and Affinity segments. It’s advisable to draw from GA360 data and marketing research to choose the right In-Market/Affinity audiences. If you seek even greater precision, DV360 provides the option of Custom Intent and Custom Affinity audiences. These audiences are generated from the past seven days of users’ search and interest activity, enabling you to create highly targeted segments based on relevant keywords.

Now let’s uncover how to reach your SuperFans using Amazon DSP:

When it comes to Amazon DSP, the platform offers its own interest segments based on Amazon’s extensive data. To effectively reach your SuperFans, consider using these Amazon interest segments in combination with demographic and geographical targeting layers. This layered approach enhances your ability to engage your SuperFans more effectively by combining Amazon’s rich dataset with specific demographic and location-based criteria.

If you already have conversion-based audiences in place, a smart strategy is to create Lookalike Audiences (LALs) based on these existing audiences. By doing so, you can target users who closely resemble your SuperFans, increasing your chances of capturing their attention.

The following are even more targeting solutions that Amazon DSP offers to help identify your high value audiences.

By leveraging the capabilities of both DV360 and Amazon DSP while following these best practices, you can effectively reach and engage your SuperFans, ultimately strengthening your brand’s connection with its most dedicated supporters.

Once we’ve covered how to reach your SuperFans, let’s delve deeper into how to IMPRESS them.

There are many options within DV360 campaigns:

There are also a lot of less platform-specific way to impress them both in DV360 and Amazon DSP:

In both DV360 and Amazon Ads, the key to impressing your target audience is to deliver value, relevance, and a seamless user experience. By tailoring your approach to meet the specific needs of your audience, you can leave a positive and lasting impression, which can result in increased engagement and conversions

By implementing these best practices, you can effectively define, reach, and impress your SuperFans across DV360 and Amazon DSP, ultimately driving higher sales and brand loyalty.