DELVE adds Two Six Performance Marketing to strengthen its Paid Search offering

Two Six Performance Marketing is joining the DELVE team, integrating its Paid Search and SEO expertise into DELVE’s data and activation practices. It will strengthen DELVE's performance media offering and create extra value for both firms' clients. “At DELVE, we’re determined to provide our clients with an ‘unfair’ advantage in digital. We do this by always executing foundations with excellence while leveraging our clients’ 1st party data to find and accurately describe our clients’ customers for...

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September 13, 2022
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Meet the Team: Andy Semenihin

Title: Head of Data What are your job responsibilities?I head the web analytics team. In that capacity, I manage our team of web analysts doing data collection and measurement for our clients and help them build the foundations for digital analytics and online marketing optimization. How long have you been at DELVE? Six years now.  What does a typical workday look like for you?I’m located in DELVE’s European office, so I’m in a different time zone than many of my colleagues in the US. I start my...

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August 27, 2021 |

Will Open Source Identifiers Solve the Third-Party Cookie Crisis?

Anonymous Identifiers Can Aid Targeting, But First-party Data Drives Personalization By Svetlana Filipson | Head of Analytics, DELVE At first blush, it would appear the digital advertising industry has been hit with a double whammy in 2021. We’ve long known Google would be phasing out the use of third-party cookies in Chrome first by 2022, then by 2023, and the company has launched FLoC, a reset of and “new normal” for how consumers can be tracked on Google's own platform. At the same time, Apple’s...

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August 11, 2021 |

Avoiding the A/B Testing Trap

The Importance of Structuring the Correct Control Group Split  Marketers have known for years that testing is key to developing impactful ad messages and product offers before scaling their campaign investments. However, not every marketer structures and conducts experiments correctly -- including basic A/B tests. One of the most important decisions in structuring A/B tests is the user split between the control group and the variation group. Risk aversion can lead to incorrectly splitting these groups...

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August 5, 2021 |

Alternatives to Multi-Touch Attribution for Measuring Marketing Performance

Accurate attribution will require a combination of measurement techniques that measure the full marketing funnel. By Svetlana Filipson | Head of Analytics, Delve Multi-touch attribution (MTA) tools such as Google Analytics 360 and Adobe Analytics are universally accepted ways to measure marketing performance—but they also can lead to biased results and incomplete buyer journey insights. With third-party cookies going away, traditional multi-touch attribution models may become even more unreliable. As a...

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July 28, 2021 |

The Trade Desk Doubles Down on the Open Internet with its New Solimar DSP

DELVE prides itself on being a trusted advisor to top brands because we select the right technology to solve specific business problems. As a technology-agnostic digital consultancy, we help brands select, deploy and optimize a variety of AdTech stacks and data lake solutions to deepen insights and improve paid media performance, including Google’s Display & Video 360, Amazon DSP and The Trade Desk (TTD). So we were intrigued when TTD recently announced the launch of the newest iteration of its DSP, named...

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July 15, 2021 |

Meet the Team: Jill Stelter

Title: Senior Recruiter What are your job responsibilities?I recruit for the organization. I assist our corporate office in the recruitment process—posting jobs, sourcing candidates, assisting with interviews, extending offers—and help our Belarus and Poland offices, so we can excel at recruiting there as well. How long have you been at DELVE? Four weeks! What does a typical workday look like for you? I start my morning by checking who has applied to our current open roles and sending some short lists...

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June 18, 2021 |

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