DELVE to Present at Fundraising Online 2024 by The Resource Alliance

Fundraising Online 2024April 17-18, 2024 | 8AM MSTOnlineHow to Get Donor Journey Right with Tech, Data and Media: An Interactive “Jeopardy” ExperienceJoin us for an interactive session about the necessary elements to grow your digital individual giving program and build the best donor experience, no matter your size or sophistication. You’ll walk away with the understanding of Tech, Data, and Media roles at different steps of the donor journey, real-world examples of getting it right (and wrong), and...

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March 28, 2024
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Accelerating Your Migration to Google Analytics 4

Gain a competitive edge by following 7 key steps, beginning with Account Structure Review Google put a hard deadline on the shift to it’s next-generation Google Analytics 4 (GA4) with the announcement that it will sunset Universal Analytics in July 2023. There remains some debate around when Google will truly hit the “off switch” on UA and UA 360, but whether it’s 15, 21 or 24 months, it’s clear that every business using UA needs to begin planning for the migration to GA4.  Moreover,...

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May 18, 2022

Data Collection at DELVE: An Insider’s View

Dmitry Zelenko, DELVE's Interim Head of Data Collection, offers his insights about careers, technologies, and clients in our rapidly changing industry. Dima, please tell us more about your team. What do you do? The Data Collection department works (most of the time) with Google Marketing Platform products such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio, Google Optimize, Google Search Console, and Google Surveys. We run different kinds of audits to help our clients improve their data...

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May 17, 2022

The Chief Digital Officer, first-party data and customer obsession: 3 keys to marketing success

“More” is the word CMOs and marketing leaders hear most today. The C-Suite is calling for more RoAS, more revenue, more growth — while customers are demanding more frictionless interactions, more personalization, and more value from brands. At the same time, the shift toward privacy threatens to create more complexity, more cost, and a much more difficult task of finding, targeting and nurturing audiences. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the variety and magnitude of these demands. But we believe there...

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May 5, 2022

A Senior Data Scientist on Daily Life at DELVE—and Cooperation with Google

Michał Wrąbel gives us an inside look at his duties as a DELVE Senior Data Scientist, from everyday tasks to technologies used—and how it all helps drive client ROI and revenue growth. Michał, what do you do at DELVE? I work as a Senior Data Scientist developing various machine learning models. These models can help predict, for example, which consumers are likely to start resigning from a client’s services, or which recently acquired consumers are long-term prospects. Just knowing that some...

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April 26, 2022 |

A Blueprint for Successful Marketing Transformation

How Gerber Life Insurance Company converted billions of first-party data records into millions in marketing value Just about every marketing leader I talk to today understands that their first-party data is a huge, largely untapped asset. Now, as third-party cookies phase out, they’re feeling intense pressure to do something around first-party data. The challenge is figuring out where to start. Too many marketing organizations are spinning their wheels because they’re focused on the...

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April 21, 2022

Why smart marketers are fast-tracking the migration to Google Analytics 4

A 7-step guide to a successful transition from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 Roughly a year after introducing its next-generation Google Analytics 4 (GA4) platform, Google officially announced it will sunset the widely used Universal Analytics (UA) platform in July 2023. The UA sunset gives a definitive urgency to the migration to GA4. But as GA4’s next-generation capabilities for cross-channel, cookieless measurement advance, savvy organizations are fast-tracking the transition to build...

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April 15, 2022

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