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Who’s Your Target Audience? Know Unequivocally via Audience Center 360

August 17, 2016  
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Ronald Reagan once said, “Trust, but verify.” Even if you are not a Reagan advocate you must admit, there is wisdom in these words. As Marketers, you have a great breadth of options as well as, data points to tell you who your target audience is. While you may have refined it to a single source of truth, do you know, unequivocally, and have you ever verified it? Savvy Marketers are doing so with Audience Center 360.

With online user behavior changing every second, device proliferation and the only constant (change), marketers are utilizing technology to validate and shift their target audience. If you are not familiar with it, Audience Center 360 (AC 360), is the audience and data management platform of Google’s DoubleClick marketing technology stack.

Through the use of AC 360, Marketers are finally able to have a consistent, holistic, and aggregated view of a customer. This is known as single customer view. The singular view is critical, as it yields unique discovery insights, and mitigates data redundancy and fragmentation. Marketers are able to see a unified data story without gaps and are uncovering insights that are changing the way they advertise. Some have discovered great value in adding or subtracting five years from their baseline age demo targeting. Others have uncovered new targeting proxies that are more effective at reaching their target audience. For instance, life event targeting (marriage, baby etc.) reaches a higher amount of their target audience more efficiently versus stand-alone contextually relevant websites.

Verifying your audience ensures you’re not missing opportunities to reach those who are most interested in your brand, service, or product. You will be able to capitalize on the varied segments of your target audience, because you understand the full spectrum of your target audience’s demo, age, desires, affinities, and behaviors.

In addition to verification there are other advantageous Audience Center 360 use cases:

  • Single Customer View: AC 360 joins all of your analytics, display, search, email, CRM, and social data.
  • Customer retention: Create current customer segments so that you can tailor your messaging or cross-sell.
  • Pinpoint overlap: Determine where your audience overlaps (age, affinity, behavior).
  • Understand ideal frequency: Learn which ad frequencies drive action amongst your target.

Take note, check in at the pre and post verification stages, and determine if the data surprises you. Have you uncovered new opportunities to expand your reach to a new, highly desirable target audience? Is your target audience just as you had previously identified it? Either way, it’s a win-win, as now you know, unequivocally.

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