Business Development Representative

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Digital Analytics and Media Trading: Industry Background

Digital Analytics and Media Trading have been one of the fastest growing industries over the last 15 years. The industry continues to grow quickly and offers rewarding career opportunities.

Delve is a Top-Rated Google Analytics and DoubleClick Partner. We provide clients who have a strong online presence, with the process, people and technology to grow their digital sales. Delve is a heavy user and re-seller of the Google Digital Marketing Stack, our commitment to the Google Stack, is a critical part of our value proposition.

Position Description:

IMPORTANT: the below list of duties/responsibilities represents an optimal candidate. If you are willing to grow into the role described down below, we will train you.

  • Generation of new Leads – email, LinkedIn, phone
  • Progressing leads through the pipeline
  • Finding new industries and verticals to target and building out strategic lists
  • Setting up phone calls to understand the business needs for the incoming leads
  • Hubspot CRM
  • Working directly with our Business Development Manager and close contact to the CEO

We are seeking a high performing salesperson who combines a razor-sharp communication skills and the persistence necessary to find new customers. The successful candidate will have a relentless work ethic and a desire to aggressively further business in an innovative, fast-paced company. Our ideal candidate will have a desire to learn how agencies work with their clients to apply data and insights. We are looking for someone with the right attitude and passion for business development; the ideal candidate will not be phased by hearing 50 NO’s before getting to one YES.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Business Development Representative will support the company’s goals through a range of business development, consulting, and analytic sales functions.

  • The successful candidate will be responsible for selling our Google Stack to online businesses such as online retailers, lead gen or subscription-based businesses, as well as to agency clients who need analytics/media support.
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the clients’ business, in order to use real and detailed examples to demonstrate how the Google Stack can assist them in achieving their business objectives.
  • Learn the capabilities of the Google Stack, will require a commitment to learning and training.
  • The candidate must serve as a credible, trustworthy representative of Delve and our products, and ensure that he/she follow through on the product commitments made.
  • Ability to communicate successfully with a diverse set of clients and decision makers, spanning all levels of client organizations and across various client functional areas (data/analytics, product, marketing).
  • Help identify business opportunities with current as well as new clients and help source new leads.
  • Maintain and enhance Delve’s reputation as a leading-edge expert in the marketing and advertising marketplace.


  • Willingness to grow and learn by being proactive in outreach with a hunter mentality.
  • Ability to strategically position digital data and analytics to propose and win business with clients.
  • Ability to build relationships and understanding of overall online ecommerce/lead gen businesses and their challenges.
  • Strong communication skills; particularly the ability to create compelling, story-based demonstrations to illustrate applicability of our analytics solutions suite.
  • 1-2 Years Sales Experience / Professional References / Clean Background.
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