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Model This: Data-Driven Attribution Modeling in Google Analytics 360

Ashton Howe   
November 3, 2017  
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The Google Digital Marketing (GDM) stack is a powerful tool for marketing leaders who need to deeply understand their customer environment. To help you decide which attribution model will give you the best understanding of your data, we’re looking at six ways – from the basic to the beta – that your team can delve deeper into customer insights via attribution modeling.

Data-Driven Attribution Modeling in Google Analytics 360

As the intricacy of your marketing initiatives grows, the attribution offerings in Google Analytics (Free) and DoubleClick Campaign Manager alone may no longer fit your needs. This is especially true for large organizations managing At that point, you’ll likely require a stronger model offering, more robust in its logic, to help you more confidently optimize against marketing mix complexity. This will require stepping up to a Google Analytics 360 account*. 

The Data-Driven Attribution Modeling available in Google Analytics 360 provides just that: an algorithm that assigns partial conversion credit to touchpoints based on the Shapley Value solution from cooperative game theory, with user level measurement that accounts for cross device browsing. Quite a mouthful, right?

Worry not. You don’t need to understand the intricacies of game theory to get started. What you need to know is this: with Data-Driven Attribution Modeling in Google Analytics 360, Google does the heavy lifting for you. It provides you with recommendations based on a self-adjusting algorithm to help you take ideal action against your media buys.

And most importantly, because Google Analytics 360 plugs directly into DoubleClick Campaign Manager, AdWords, and Google Display Network, you’re able to apply this intelligence against a full view of your digital events – clicks, impressions, and site landings – to understand not only how click-based channels are performing, but how view-through is contributing as well.

Data-Driven Attribution Modeling is a big leap forward in making your data do the hard work of proving value. But it’s not the last step. In our next post, we’ll show you how to take those data insights even further with Custom Attribution Modeling.

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