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Model This: Attribution Modeling in Attribution 360 (Beta)

Ashton Howe   
November 8, 2017  
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The Google Digital Marketing (GDM) stack is a powerful tool for marketing leaders who need to deeply understand their customer environment. To help you decide which attribution model will give you the best understanding of your data, we’re looking at six ways – from the basic to the beta – that your team can delve deeper into customer insights via attribution modeling. 

In Beta: Attribution Modeling in Google Attribution and Attribution 360

As we come to the end of our series on attribution modeling using the Google Digital Marketing stack, we look forward to the future of attribution. Right now, if you’re ready for cutting edge attribution but aren’t resourced to bring the customized solution build in house, you can reach out to a Google Analytics Certified Partner** to help you execute against your goals. 

Next year, you will have another option for robust attribution modeling. In 2018, Google will be releasing a new enterprise-level attribution solution to provide full scale, data-driven modeling against all your marketing drivers. Already in Beta, Google is slowly releasing Attribution 360 (and its less feature-rich free counterpart Google Attribution) to select advertisers

Attribution 360 promises to simplify data collection (for online, in store, television, etc.), streamline the view of all performance metrics, provide clear cut and accurate media recommendations based on data-driven algorithms, and integrate directly with your ad servers, DSPs, and search management platforms to pass attributed metrics back into the media buying tools for immediate data activation.

While modeling will mirror the current Google Analytics 360 offering, Attribution 360 as a standalone product will offer a more comprehensive tool set in terms of plug-and-play data onboarding capabilities, customized reporting, and – most importantly – the ability to optimize media in your own tools against attributed metrics. This offering will, of course, come with a price tag, but will provide a very competitive option for advertisers looking explicitly for closed-loop attribution automation.


What This Means for You

At the end of the day, attribution should be pursued in a very personalized manner. A one-size-fits-all modality that doesn’t cater to your business nuances is at best frustrating, and at worst dangerously misleading; you need a set of tools that allows you to customize functionality to your individual marketing mix. As attribution continues to expand into a fundamental element of the digital marketing docket, it’s important for attribution providers to keep up with the ever-evolving needs of their clients. The flexibility that the Google Digital Marketing stack provides is unprecedented in its capacity for customization, its ability to fine tune measurement, and its efficiency in pivoting seamlessly between views.

After all, an attribution tool’s job isn’t to sell you on what it sees, it’s to empower you to see for yourself.

**Delve is a Google Analytics Certified Partner

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