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Improve Your ROAS In One Day With Google Analytics Premium

July 8, 2016  
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Before you waste time contemplating, if improving your return on ad spend sounds too good to be true, acknowledge that you’re already primed to improve RoAS because you are using a superior analytics tool: Google Analytics Premium. Having an analytics tool is table stakes. Now that you are here at the table, let’s discuss how to parlay your smart decision into improving your RoAS in just one day.

Google Analytics Premium is the go-to analytics platform for website and app owners world-wide. GAP offers rich analytics tools enabling you to capture a wealth of insights from your traffic, target audience, other owned media, and paid media.

There are many occasions to use such a powerful tool, but we are going to focus specifically on driving the desired action from your target audience, which will thus improve your RoAS. Said desired action might be: signing up for a policy, choosing your gum at checkout, downloading an app, and the list goes on. While every desired action – sale or knowledge exchange – is different, the fundamental way to increase the volume of it is all the same. Invest in marketing that reaches the highest amount of the most qualified prospects.

Now that we are clear on the fundamental approach of prioritizing resources (time and media spend) on those who are most likely to convert, let’s move on to how we can accomplish this with GAP.

  • Don’t waste resources on flakes! Our definition of flakes pertains to users who bounce from your site. A bounce means they did not land on your website or landing page to learn more or take the desired action. With GAP, you can create a “flake list” for suppression. This list, once shared, informs your buying platform not to target these users. You don’t spend your money or time on flakey people, so don’t let your marketing efforts do so either.
  • Understand your high-value consumer. What content do they like? What are their affinities and behaviors? Within GAP you can generate an Audience Insight report using your product purchase page or desired action landing page as the baseline. Use the top three data trends to inform your contextual ad adjacency, data targeting, and remarketing.
  • Create a list of action “VIPs.” This pertains to those who have shown intent by learning more about your brand via visiting multiple pages or taking many actions on site. There is a way to identify and target them by creating a segment in GAP, such as visited homepage, reviews page, or shopping cart page. Once the segment and list are created, you can share them with your buying platform to find only those users, or users who possess a very similar profile.
  • Re-Engage time spenders. A prospect that has spent over five minutes with your website content is highly qualified, as they know more about your brand than someone who has spent zero time. Additionally, their baseline consideration is higher than someone who was only exposed to an ad. Using GAP, you can create a list of users to target that have spent a certain amount of time on site.
  • Suppress current and new customers. You’ve already converted this group of people, so it’s time to focus on getting more revenue and reaching out to ripe prospects.

Now that the fundamental components are crystal clear, you have an understanding of how to improve RoAS using GAP. It’s time to move on to what you thought was impossible: doing this in one day. This is not only very doable, but it can even be done in less than one day! Below are the simple facts of the process.

Creating the discussed lists and segments can be done within two hours. Communicating the trends or porting the user lists to your media buying platform takes another few hours.
Using data to validate and target a hyper-qualified audience, ensures you are able to double down on performance and results. Since you learned how to do so in less than one day, what will you tackle next?

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