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How Much Power Do You Need: Google Display Network vs DoubleClick Bid Manager

Anton Lipkanu   
April 4, 2018  
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Every digital business at some point starts to think about display advertising, and the first choice to make is the system to use. Brands need to weigh their business needs against the risk they’re willing to take and the budget they have to spend on mastering a system.

Selecting a display advertising system is very similar to choosing your next car. Let’s say you’ve bought a Subaru Forester. It is affordable in price, helps you to carry your surfboard on the weekend, take kids to school and help your friend move. It is the perfect car for you, and you are satisfied with it 360/365 days a year. But its capabilities are limited on those other five days when you want more performance. You would never take your car to the track since any BMW M3 will beat your family Subaru.

But what about when you find yourself on the track anyway? How do you keep up with the custom high-performance cars in your basic Subaru? That’s when you think about investing in a high-end machine with lots of horsepower and great handling. Similarly, you need to evaluate the needs of your business – are you asking your display advertising to merely get you through the day, or do you need it to take you places you’ve never been before?

Google Display Network is the easy-to-go solution. And it will satisfy most of your goals. But the problem is, Google Display Network is limited. It will help you stay afloat and on the fringe of the market. It will even help you grow steadily. But it will neither help you grow revenue most efficiently, nor lead the trend and get ahead of the market. As a basic platform, it’s fine. But it’s ultimate inflexibility means you’re running the same strategy as any competitor who’s also using Google Display Network. There is no edge.

But if you want to take your marketing strategy to the next level, you need an edge. And that’s where DoubleClick Bid Manager comes in.

DoubleClick Bid Manager offers a fully-customizable solution with access to thousands of additional behavioral triggers, advanced targeting, unique inventory, premier publishers, and creative solutions.

In comparison to Google Display Network, it pulls ahead in the following ways:

DoubleClick Bid Manager gives you horsepower and the tools to win.

With great power comes great responsibility, and at the end of the day a tool is only as powerful as the team handling it. If your business needs are simple and you’re looking for a fundamental tool to get your Display marketing off the ground, Google Display Network is the more appropriate choice — you don’t need a BMW M3 to drop the kids off at school.

But if you find yourself lined up at the starting line against your competitors, in need of a verifiable way to pull into the lead, the choice is clear: DoubleClick Bid Manager as a fully-customizable solution for your intricate Display et al. marketing needs.

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